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Build a Professional Website in WordPress

WordPress is one of the best tools for creating a website. It allows people with absolutely no coding experience to create a site or a blog and get their content out there. Stay at home parents, sole traders, and multinational business owners have all benefited through the content management system. It is very easy to build a professional website in WordPress. Here are the first steps you need to take.

Decide WordPress.com or WordPress.org

There are two different WordPress options to begin with, and you need to choose between them. If you want to build a professional website for free with no upfront or ongoing costs at all, you’ll want WordPress.com. The downside is that people will know you haven’t put any money into it. Your domain name will have the “wordpress.com” part in it.

There are also some issues with making money from the site (no adverts allowed) and choosing themes. Your site may look basic, but that doesn’t stop it looking professional.

When you get the WordPress.org sites, you will pay for your own domain name and hosting. There are far more theme choices, so you can personalize your site. This is an excellent choice for those wanting a site they make money from.

Use Beautiful Imagery Throughout Your Site

While content is important, the images you use are too. If you want to build a professional website in WordPress, you need to think about the images you will use. Low quality images will make the whole site seem cheap, even with an amazing theme.
There are free and paid for resources out there. Look out for stock photos that are created with professionalism in mind. Don’t just grab any photo you find on the internet—you could land yourself into some serious legal trouble. If you really want to use a copyrighted photo, ask permission and only use it when you get that permission.

Keep Your Color Scheme Simple

You don’t need to choose every color on the spectrum. Some of the best websites are extremely simple when it comes to the color scheme. This often means using black and white with one or two other colors. Try different shades of the same color, such as a light blue and a navy blue.

The colors you use will be part of your branding. If you already have one or two in your logo, stick to them throughout the site and in any imagery you create for social media. People will get used to seeing the colors and think of you when they see them. Just think about how you feel when you see the McDonald’s red and yellow together!

Include Your Logo in the Header

The logo is essential. There’s no need to pay thousands of dollars, but you may need $200-$300 for a professional logo. This will make your website stand out from your competitors. The logo is essential whether you build a professional website for free or spend money on every single element.

WordPress makes it easy to add the logos into the headers. The creators behind the system know the importance of it—they have their own logo after all! You can also add a smaller version in your footer and include it on every bit of imagery that you create.

Keep the logo simple. When people see it, they need to think of you and not try to work out what it means.
Now it’s time to get started to build a professional website in WordPress. Choose how much money you want to put into it to start (you can upgrade later if you wish) and enjoy the creative process.

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