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Proven Four Step Affiliate Marketing Success Guide – This Really Does Work…

Awesome, You made it.

First I just want to Thank You for getting my 4 Step Guide and putting your trust in me. I am confident you are going to be glad you did.

I set it up where you were taken to this page which is a “hidden page” that only those visitors who complete the opt-in form have access to. You will also be getting a few emails from me with tips on creating your very own successful online business.

You will always have access to this guide so go ahead and bookmark it now. I will also have the link to this guide in the emails you will be getting from me.

The Exact Steps How I Make Money Online

In this guide, I’ll be going over exactly how I make money working online and how others, like yourself, can do it too. Yes, it is possible so just trust me on this one, okay?

I know there is a lot of skepticism out there but it can be done if you are willing to follow this guide. Here are just some of the many reasons for getting started online I’ll be covering….

  • Being Your Own Boss – Making your own decisions. Nobody telling you what to do.
  • Flexibility – Working your own hours.
  • Income Potential – The sky is the limit. Nobody setting your wages for you.
  • Working From Comfort of Your Home – As long as you have internet access you can work from anywhere you choose.

The way I make money online is actually a pretty simple process but may seem a bit complicated to you in the beginning. In a nutshell, what I actually do is create a website and I write blog posts on my site that help people that are looking for information.

Easy now, Don’t go getting nervous on me, lol. Building a website is so simple these days that anyone can do it. You do not any tech skills at all. With the platform I will be introducing you to you will be a pro in no time.

Okay… Let’s get back to the money making process. To be able to make money I need people to visit my site, right? Well, the way I do that is through the search engines, Google, Yahoo, etc.

People from all over the world are searching for information online and I am providing them with the information that they are looking for. Do you know what one of the best things about this method is? This traffic is 100% free.

So… once they get to my site I have products that I am promoting which I get paid commissions on. These can be products from big companies like Amazon, Apple, etc. You will find that pretty much all online stores have programs that will pay commissions for people to sell their products online.

How I Make Money Online is a Simple 4 Step Process

Broken Down For You

  1. Choose an Interest: This can be just about any topic of your choosing. Something you have a passion for or interest in preferably.
  2. Build a Website: Your website is the foundation of your business. Building a website is easy these days so relax, okay?
  3. Attract Visitors: Getting visitors to your site is vital in your success. (more detail on how I do this coming)
  4. Earn Revenue: Once you have people coming to your website you can start earning revenue. There are many different ways you are able to monetize your site.

You Can Promote Just About Anything

Let’s take a look at Amazon. Did you know that Amazon has over 400 million products? Just about any product you can think of Amazon has and what is so awesome is you can promote any of them.

Doing Something Once and Get Paid Over and Over

Yep, That’s right.

One of the greatest things is once you get your website ranked on google it is likely to stay there forever. What this means is that one blog post ranked on the first page of google could get visitors to your website daily for a very very long time.

So… You know what that means right?

Well, I will tell you what that means. It means you will be getting paid over and over and over for doing one simple blog post. Pretty awesome right?

Check out the example below. When searching Google for (dog exercise toys) this is what I found….

See what I’m Talking about?

That one single post (probably took about an hour to write) has been ranked on the very first page of Google since 2012. And you guessed it, They are promoting dog toys that I am sure are making sales every single day. That is why this business model is so awesome.

The Name of The Game is Getting Ranked in Google, But How?

Let me tell you how I do it….

I write blog post on my website with information that people are looking for when typing into their search bars. I use a really awesome tool (yes, I will show you) that tells me what people are searching for and then I create content about it. This tool I use also lets me know which search terms will be the easiest to get ranked for on the first page of google.

So, what happens is I get a ton of visitors coming to my website for free and then I make commissions from the products that I am promoting on my website.

What do you write about?

You can write pretty much about anything you want. Everything from dog toys like the example above, growing tomatoes, basketball shoes, video games, golf clubs….. just about anything you want. Then you promote relevant products on your website to what you write about.

Can anyone do this? Yes…

You are not going to need any special writing skills or be an expert on what you are writing about to be able to do this. I have written about many subjects that I had very little knowledge about. All you need to do is a little research and you can write about anything.

Let’s Recap The Process of Making Money Online

  1. You write content around something you are interested in.
  2. Your content gets ranked in Google
  3. You get visitors to your website
  4. Some of these visitors buy products on your website
  5. You earn commissions
  6. Rinse and repeat

Now That You Know My Simple Process Are You Ready to Get Started?

The platform that I use to make this whole process of making money online become a reality is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that has everything you will ever need to create a successful online business. They have been helping people from all over the world since 2005.

One thing that I really like and you will too is that they start the training as if you are a complete newbie. They guide you step by step through this whole process.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

I found this out right from the moment I joined that the community here at WA is always ready to help. One of the most difficult things when starting a business online is getting help when you need it.

Getting help in a timely manner from people with all kinds of expertise is exactly what you can expect here at Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a community that truly does care and will be there for you when you are in need of help. Having teachers that help guide you every step of the way makes learning at WA fun.

Building Your Website

The website builder makes building your website a breeze. You will have your website built in no time with just 4 easy steps…

Once you get your website built you are ready to start creating you content, getting ranked, and getting visitors to your site.

The Awesome Keyword Tool Jaxxy..

Having access to a keyword tool is an absolute must when it comes to ranking your content on Google. Wealthy Affiliates keyword tool known as Jaxxy is the best keyword tool I have ever used and is included in the Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Just writing content and hoping you rank in the search engines is not going to happen very often. Ranking is much more complicated than that but with Jaxxy you have a very good chance of hitting the first page of Google more often.

Wealthy Affiliate Memberships

Once you join Wealthy Affiliate you have two memberships to choose from. The Free Starter Membership and a Premium Membership. I recommend starting out with the free membership and if you want to upgrade to the Premium later that will be up to you.

One thing I want you to be aware of is that the Free membership is not a trial. You can stay a free member as long as you would like although most people that do decide to stick around will upgrade to the Premium Membership.

Free Starter Membership Access

  • Beginners Training Course
  • 10 free step by step lessons
  • 2 free websites with hosting
  • Phase 1 Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Jaxxy Keyword Tool
  • 2 Class Rooms

The free Starter Membership is what I always recommend to people just starting out. This way you have nothing to lose and get to see if its something you would like doing before paying anything. If you don’t like it then you can walk away without anything lost.

You can click the button below to join Wealthy Affiliate with this free Starter Membership.

Premium Membership Access

  • All Training Courses
  • 50 step by step Lessons
  • All Phases of Affiliate Bootcamp
  • 50 Free Websites and Hosting
  • Jaxxy Keyword Tool
  • Access To All Classrooms
  • Live Weekly Webinar Video Training
  • Chat Room 24/7
  • Website Support 24/7
  • Website Security + Backup

As you can see the Premium Membership gives you access to everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. This is everything you will ever need to create a successful online business all in one place.

Like I mentioned above you really do not need all of this when you are just getting started so what I recommend is starting out as a free member. The cost for Premium is $49/mo or Less than a dollar a day if you go with the yearly membership, which is an awesome deal if you consider everything you are getting. But I still say the free starter membership is the way to go when getting started.

Is There any Better Option Over Wealthy Affiliate?

I am not going to sit here and act like I know everything about all the opportunities out there today but I can tell you straight up Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. If there is an opportunity out there that is a better choice for starting your own online business I sure haven’t seen it.

One thing I know for sure is that there is no other community out there like what Wealthy Affiliate has. Being able to interact with others and get the help when you need it puts WA a step above the rest. This is something you would have to experience to really understand how great this community really is.

Is Wealthy Affiliate perfect? Probably not but good luck on finding the perfect one, not going to happen.

What You Need To Know

One thing I need to let you know right up front is that you are not going to start making money right away with this method. The reason I am telling you this is because I see people come into Wealthy Affiliate that has just lost a job or in some other financial situation thinking they are going to start making money right from the start.

If you are in need of income right now or even in the next month or so this is not the program for you right now. This business model taught inside of Wealthy Affiliate is about creating a real long term business that will last for years to come. This will not happen overnight.

Remember that post I showed you earlier about the dog toys that had been ranked on the first spot in Google for years? This is exactly what makes this business model very cumulative. They key is to keep writing and ranking and eventually, your site starts getting more authority and things really start to snowball.

Next thing you know you might have 1000 visits per day coming to your website. You start this business out from scratch and then build on it. That is how the process works.

This is a really awesome business model if you are willing to be patient and give it time to work. Once you start having some success and the income starts flowing in then you might start thinking about quitting your job or maybe working a part-time job on the side. Like I said earlier if you are needing money right now then you would need to find something else.

One of the many benefits of creating this type of business is the flexibility it allows. Being able to set your own hours makes it convenient to fit into any schedule you may have. This is one reason why it is such a great supplemental opportunity being able to work it in around your regular job until you are making enough to work this business full time.

Ready To Join Me in Wealthy Affiliate?

I provided a button below to sign up. This will take you to the signup page for the free Starter Membership, which as I said is what I recommend to start out. You will see the page below when you go to sign up and all you have to do is enter your email. After you enter your email you will be taken to a page to complete your account set-up.

Getting Started on the Training…

Once you have created your account you will have access to the training. Below you will see a screenshot that I took that will show you where you need to go to get started right away on the training. If you look right under my profile picture you will see the training tab right below the dashboard tab. Click on it and then you will see the Online Entrepreneur tab. Click on it and you are on your way.

One other thing you should do right away is to make sure you complete filling out your profile by adding an Image and writing a short description about yourself. This is a lot more important than you might think at first. By doing this it will lead to better interaction and easier to get help and just lead to a better overall experience.

I sure hope you found this guide helpful and got a really good understanding of exactly how I make money online. Just so you know I am no Guru and if I can do it you can too. All you have to do is follow the training, be consistent, and stick with this long enough for it to work. One thing I have learned is that you can never fail if you never quit. I am not sure exactly where I heard this Quote but it sure holds true for me to this very day.

To your online success,