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How to Become Authority In Your Niche In Less Than 3 Months

Let’s face the fact: It is very easy to sell anything once people know you as an authority in your niche. Becoming an authority not only helps you sell things and make money, it as well establishes your reputation and expertise and makes people see you as a brand.

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The internet is full of so many people selling the same information, people actually want to hear from someone that knows what they are talking about. Being an authority means to be different and to stand out from the crowd. This means you are now a leader in your field.

Nowadays, it is certainly no secret that becoming an authority in your chosen niche is one of the major components of forming a successful online business. All the top internet affiliate marketers such as Neil Patel and Matthew Woodward are seen as big authorities in their niche.

There are so many benefits that come with being an authority in your niche:

  • You earn people’s trust
  • You become a brand name
  • You build a reputation
  • You can sell anything you want
  • People seek for your recommendations

Going by all these benefits, it clearly shows that being an authority is a pure-gold mine. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t strive to become one. In fact, to help you become an authority, I have gathered some of the best ways you can transform yourself from being just an ordinary marketer to an authority in whatever niche you want.

5 Tips on How to Become an Authority in Your Niche

1. Be Specific

Being an authority in a particular niche means that you are facing one field; if your niche is Search Engine Optimization such as Alex Becker, ensure you build blog and send out newsletters only about SEO, don’t jump from one niche to another or send out newsletters and blog topics talking about “how to train a dog”. Talking about something else apart from the topics relevant to your niche will confuse your audience.

You won’t be seen as a serious person or as an authority if your writings and actions are not specific to your niche. Once you choose a niche, focus on it, talk about it, breathe it, and let people see you as the niche.

2. Provide Free Help and Information

The only way you can earn people’s trust is not by selling to them. Instead, you earn trust by helping them out with their problems. There are forums and groups where people ask questions about your niche. Don’t wait for these people to come to you. Instead, go to those forums and provide direct answers to their questions.

Give out free tips and information. If you have a working strategy, share it with your audience. People need to know that you actually care for them before they can start seeing you as an authority. This may seem hard in the beginning, but don’t worry about it, it is worth it. If people notice that you are providing free tips, they will begin to seek you out and when you have established yourself, you can start making money from all the information you share.

3. Be More Social

Everything now happens on social media. In fact, social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is where you can find a large number of people interested in your niche at the same time. You need to be where your potential audience is.

Remember, social media isn’t where you come to dump your offers and share your affiliate links. Instead, you should use it as a platform to connect with people interested in your niche, share ideas, give out freebies and also talk about something else apart from business. Let your audience/followers see you as a friend on social media instead of as another marketer they have to deal with.

4. Tell Your Own Success Story

One great way to connect with people emotionally is by telling your own success story, nothing beats this. If you have made money from your niche, people want to know there was a time when you like them, struggled to succeed. The truth is that your story will motivate them to try harder. Share a motivational success story about yourself. Trust me, if anybody is able to succeed because of your motivating story, they will never forget you.

Put your story on your website and share them on social media once in a while. Your story will give your audience a sense of comfort that “you have been there” and have overcome the type of challenges they are now facing.

Additionally, people want to see that the strategy you are preaching is working, so you will need to show them your income proof and things you have acquired with the money you are making from your niche. Share a picture of a 5-star hotel you lodged, a new car you bought with your affiliate earning and more. Show them that you are a success but don’t be arrogant about it. Stay humble!

5. Know Your Value And Partner with Other Authorities

One tree does not make an island. Partner with other authorities in your niche. Share a guest post on their blog, organize webinar together with them and create a product or mastermind together. By partnering with other authorities, new people who are followers of the other person will come to know you and you will have more people listening to what you have to say.

Ensure that you promote only genuine products and offers. Remember that you want to build trust and confidence. Don’t share strategies that are not working or endorse any product that is a rip-off. Respect people’s feeling and time, you should attend to questions in a timely matter. Know when to sell and when to give things out free. Remember, you need to stay humble and keep on expanding your network every day.

Preach your ideas consistently. Don’t be scared of competition, if you are good in your craft, people will know and over time, you will become an authority and start making money while you sleep.

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