My #1 Recommendation to Make Money Online

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Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: Starter Membership Free/ Click Here To Try For FREE

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank: 99 out of 100

Who it’s for: Beginners & Experienced


Let Me Tell You About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate was created to help people succeed online in the same way Kyle and Carson (creators of Wealthy Affiliate) had already experienced success. Ever Since the beginning in 2005 the WA program has continued to keep current and innovate to the changing environment in affiliate marketing and the online business industry.

One thing I really like about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can count on tomorrow always being better than today. 750+ training updates per year, 155 system improvements this past year alone. At WA I feel brighter days are always ahead.WA has a smart team that works tirelessly behind the scenes with new projects all the time that will further enhance the way people do business online and the efficiency in which they can do it. WA's design, technology, marketing, and support, continues to get better with every single day that I have been a member.

10 years

What About The Training at Wealthy Affiliate?

The Training at Wealthy Affiliate isn't just simple, it's the best of any training I have been through or seen online before. From the moment I joined I was walked through step by step task-oriented training. This training course is for beginners and advanced marketers teaching you how to create a successful long-term business.

The education here at WA gives you a competitive advantage over your competition and keeps you ahead of the curve of what works today and what will and won't work tomorrow.

As you are taking action and making your way through the courses at Wealthy Affiliate, you will realize your true potential and how capable you are going to become at creating a profitable long-term business.

You will learn how to capitalize on any idea, interest, or passion that you have. You will not need any previous experience. All you need to bring is your passion for something and WA will show you how you can turn that into a successful online business.

Everything to do with the learning experience is live and interactive. You are able to engage and communicate directly within the lessons and ask for help if you have any questions or get stuck along the way. Live Classes, Live Chat room, and Live Expert Help are all big advantages that you will get here at Wealthy Affiliate.


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The Wealthy Affiliate Community

I found this out right from the moment I joined that the community here at WA is always ready to help. One of the most difficult things when starting a business online is getting help when you need it. Getting help in a timely manner from people with all kinds of expertise is exactly what you can expect here at Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a community that truly does care and will be there for you when you are in need of help. Having teachers that help guide you every step of the way makes learning at WA fun.


WA has one of the largest Affiliate Marketing communities anywhere, WA is still the top choice for people from all over the world for building a successful affiliate business.

Even with such a huge WA community every single person matters and you will feel that from the time you start. At WA you are able to network with people all over the world, WA has members from 195 different countries.

This is the best community I have found to create powerful long lasting business relationships. Every day there are thousands of people connecting, building businesses together, offering each other tips, and developing lifelong relationships.

How You Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate

There are hundreds of ways to earn money online, in fact, there are many different ways that are taught within Wealthy Affiliate. Let me try to simplify things.

After you join WA you will have two paths you can take. You can either pick a Niche that you are passionate about and choose that as your direction. This would be your starting point and you would follow the getting started training course and be on your way to creating a successful online business that you are passionate about.

If you don’t feel you have a passion or a niche that is okay too. Wealthy Affiliate has a lucrative affiliate program that you can promote too. In this case, your starting point would be the Bootcamp training course which is a complete step by step course showing you how to create a business through promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

For me, the choice was easy once I joined WA. Even though I have several passions I knew promoting WA would be something I could promote and feel good about.One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Wealthy Affiliate Has Two Membership Levels

Starter Membership = Free, Join Now

They say you never get anything for free but that certainly is not the case here… and let me tell you why. If you join as a Starter Member, you are going to gain access to the awesome Wealthy Affiliate community that I was bragging about earlier. This will also include access to two Web sites, 400+ training lessons, live chat, classrooms, networking, commenting, access to the keyword tool and more.

This really is a no-brainer to me because you can start without it costing you a dime. Come in for free and take a look around, meet some members, create a free website, go through the training and see how you like it. Then if you decide you want to go premium you can.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership= $49 per month

This is the everything you will ever need to build an online business all in one place package. You are able to create and host up to a total of 50 websites, choose from hundreds of WordPress website themes, you also get website security, website feedback and comment platforms, website analysis, live weekly video training, live chat 24/7, Beginner Training Course, Affiliate Bootcamp Course and access to all of the training classrooms.

I believe besides the great training that WA offers, the other most valuable reason to become a Premium Member would be is having access to the entire WA community. I think to really understand the value of this community you would have to experience it for yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate = 10 Star Rating

Well, there you have my honest review of how I feel and what I have learned and experienced as a member of Wealthy Affiliate. If I were to have to rate my overall experience I would have to give Wealthy Affiliate a solid 10 stars. Yes, that is my honest opinion. WA has exceeded all of my expectations in so many different ways.

Read Real Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials: Read Reviews

If You Really Want to Make Money Online, Here’s my HONEST advice:

Join as a starter member and start going through the training. There are NO risks and if you don’t feel like this is what you are looking for, you can leave anytime you want, without any strings attached. And even then, you’ll still have 2 websites to do with as you please.


If you join today I will personally help you get started. Here's what you need to do.starter membership

1. Join WA’s free starter membership.

2. I’ll be getting in touch with you once you join. After you create your free account please do these two simple things for me.

A) Complete your account set-up (real easy to do). This will help me & everyone in our WA community help guide you along in your journey to success at Wealthy Affiliate.


B) If you like it there or not, I’d really appreciate it if you would take the time and come back to this page and leave a comment on your experience(good or bad).

Let Me End By Saying This:

WA is without hesitation my #1 recommendation for all of the reasons I mentioned above. If you’re sick and tired of all the over hyped, over promised under delivering programs out there today and are wanting to make some honest money online. WA is by far the best place to teach you how you can achieve your goals.

Your key to success is right in front of you and now it's up to you to make the decision. Wa has everything you need just waiting for you to come and utilize it. If you follow the training and take action, I promise that you will see results.

See you inside,



  1. Informative!

    Given this article, I would like to think that your number 1 recommendation should be realized! I mean, it just makes sense if one would use Wealthy Affiliate since this can help a lot. There is a starter membership which is manageable for everyone who is only starting out, and in due time, they could have the premium membership which, as it turns out, has a lot of benefit and advantages to the member than that of the starter membership.

    It also great that you have included some thoughts on how to make money when using Wealthy Affiliate.


    • HI Chanan, Sorry I am late with my response as I have been out of town for a couple weeks.Wealthy Affiliate is my only recommendation for anyone wanting to start an online business the right way. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment and hope to see you dropping me more comments in the future. I f you ever have any questions feel free to ask and I willl do my best to help.

  2. This sounds like an amazing opportunity. You have hit on all the major points of why WA is the go to platform to learn about building an online business.
    There is so much information provide that it can seem so overwhelming and that you’ll never get through it all.
    It really is a school that will teach you so much.
    I need to get through this Bootcamp training myself. The free trial is definitely the way to go and an awesome benefit to try before you buy.
    Thanks for this Bootcamp review, really well done.

    • Hi Peter, I appreciate your thoughts and Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I agree that WA has a lot of training to get through but I think that is a good thing. I like how the courses are set up so you can check off each task as you do them and are able to come right back to where you left off at the click of a button. WA has stood the test of time and still going strong after 10 plus years.

  3. Wow, Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a great way to get into affiliate marketing. I have read up plenty on this and have yet to take the first step. Seems like I could try this out and see if this can work for me.

    Sounds impressive also that they helped over 200,000 people last year. They must be doing something right?

    The $49 per month though does seem a bit steep for me though. But I think I will give it a try. What have I got to lose if I am trying it out for free?

    • Hi Owain, I have been involved with several make money online programs over the last few years and WA stands alone as the best place to learn how to start and create a online business. You should try out the free membership and go through the first 10 lessons. Then I think you will see that $49 per month is pretty cheap for what all you will be getting. You can also pay a yearly membership which is less than $1 a day.

  4. Wealthy Affiliate is just an absolutely great place to learn how to create an online business. If you’re tired of getting scammed by the many scams out there, definitely give Wealthy Affiliate a try. You join for free and try it out in full for 7 days with no credit card required. Think about that, many other places require a credit card after before the free trial is up.

    They give you realistic expectation on what it takes to make money online. They do not promise that you’ll make thousands overnight or in a week. Instead, Wealthy Affiliate tells you through the training that it will take time, months or maybe even or year or 2 before you start to see any income, but it also depends on how hard you work on your business as well.

    • Hi Brian, Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I just need to correct one thing you said about the free membership. The free membership is not a 7 day trial. You can stay a free member as long as you would like and would be able to use the training and two free websites how ever you decide.

  5. Hey there ….Actually, I am working in an MLM program but I don’t really like the way recruiting my friends is the only way to build my business! If I am not wrong, you mentioned somewhere that the Wealthy affiliate has a lucrative affiliate program to promote. I am interested in that but please make it clear for me. Is the affiliation based on recruiting people in the Wealthy affiliate program? Is it really different from the MLM? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Armstrong, With WA if you decide to promote it which is one option you would be bringing people in to learn how to build an online business. The one big difference is that WA is free to join. If your referral decides to upgrade to the premium level then you would receive a commission even if you are a free member yourself although they would be higher if you were premium also.

  6. Hi, Kirk.
    Thanks for this review on Wealthy Affiliate.
    One thing I would like to know about WA is how much am I realistically expecting to spend on this course.
    You mentioned that it’s $49 but will I be able to make that back within the first month?
    And are there any upsells along the way that I need to be aware of?

    • Hi Ryan, You can stay a free member as long as you want and be able to have the two free websites and hosting. If you decided you wanted to go through the premium training and be able to have 50 sites you can get the first month for 19.00 and after that 49.00 monthly. Or you can take the yearly option which is less than a dollar a day. You would only need two referrals to cover the 49.00 monthly which you should be able to do in your first month.There are no upsells.

  7. Wow, this is a very thorough write up ok wealthy affiliate. I am in awe to see that so many benefits like what have you mentioned.

    However, may I ask for your honest opinion, could you give me one of the bad thing about WA? There must be cons for everything in this world.


  8. Hi Habil, If I had to come up with one thing It would be that there are so many places to ask questions and get help, that some people tend to get ahead of the training instead of following along step by step.

  9. There are lots and loads of claims out there on online money making and the sad thing is that they don’t leave behind any information on how to contact them. Is there a way to contact you? Phone number, email or something.

  10. Very informative post! It’s pretty hard to beat all that training, when you think about how hard it would be to find it all on other websites. My first attempt at making a website of my own, years ago, was just to make one for my business. It wasn’t even for the purpose of making money on its own, but I felt completely lost. I found all sorts of info on the web, but lots of it was contradictory advice and I didn’t know who to pay more attention to. I could have benefited from this years ago, if I’d only known about it.

    • Hello Mark, Thanks for taking the time to drop me a comment. I remember the struggle back when I was creating my first website too. Wealthy Affiliate makes starting an online business easy, all you have to do is follow the training.

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