October 9, 2017

12 Day Millionaire Scam! [Reviewed]



12 Day Millionaire Review

When people hear the 12 Day Millionaire name, the first question that they should ask is this: is 12 Day Millionaire a scam?

Almost any name like that is the sort of thing that should make a lot of people suspicious right away.

Generally speaking, if people become millionaires in twelve days, it’s due to inheritance or a lucky lottery ticket.

Even then, people won’t get the money right away. This program is as fake as it sounds.


A lot of people want to become rich through no effort and with no time involved.

This is a fantasy that so many people have that it is genuinely difficult to let go of, and a lot of unscrupulous individuals are well aware of that. This is a website that automatically panders to these people.

It specifically claims that people can put in no effort and they will still make a lot of money after a brief period of time.

It’s a good idea to be suspicious of all claims like that, and the 12 Day Millionaire website truly lives down to the reputation of websites that make these sorts of claims.

Upfront Costs


The fact that it costs 37 dollars to even join 12 Day Millionaire is already a red flag.

Scam websites make money by getting people to join in the first place in most cases.

Most of the more legitimate claims will tend to allow people to join for free, because they are able to make their money in other ways.

They will typically become successful as their clients and customers become successful.

Few Resources

Initial fees are bad enough, but people really don’t get all that much for what they’re paying.

They are official members of the 12 Day Millionaire family, but that’s more or less all that will happen.

Once they’re members, they will get some additional instructions.

People will actually have to join other programs in order to even start making money, and all of the programs will have their own fees attached.

People are ultimately paying for additional opportunities to spend money.

This is a website that does not take any actual skills, which means that all potential customers will be competing with one another anyway.

There is truly no way to win, and there is no real way to use intelligence in order to figure out this system for the better.

There is really nothing to understand.

Shady Testimonials

12 day millionaire scam

Many online businesses try to shape the potential opinions of their customers through testimonials.

It’s always a good idea to take these testimonials with a grain of salt, since plenty of them will be obviously manipulated in order to get a certain type of response from the public.

It’s easy to hire actors in these brief heavy-handed commercials.

The fact that 12 Day Millionaire features actors that have actually appeared in other testimonials for similar products previously demonstrates that they didn’t put in a lot of effort towards making their testimonials halfway plausible. Almost any positive 12 Day Millionaire review will seem just as false.

Final Opinion

12 Day Millionaire is your typical get rich quick scheme, you will be only wasting time and money if you buy into it

There are many other scam signs I can talk about but I really don’t have too as I think it’s obvious that’s is a scam

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