My 10k Model Scam! [Full Review]

my 10k model review

my 10k model review

My 10k Model Review

Name: My 10k Model


Price: $25 – $1.000

Business Model: Affiliate Marketing

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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What is my 10k model?

Michael Mansell is the founder of  My 10k model system. Generally, it is meant to help you in making money online. The founder is an affiliate of a program that is called Easy 1 Up, and he generates money by introducing you to Easy 1 Up after joining his program My 10k Model. My 10k Model is a funnel system Michael created for Easy 1 Up.


How does it work?

Generally, you will be making money when you introduce other people to join and sign up into Easy 1 Up.

Through this, the system is designed to generate commissions to you for introducing other people.

Your recruit will be channeled to you.

This is the actual reason it is called Easy 1 Up. By helping other people to join at different levels, that is how you will make your money.

However, you must pay for that first level.

If you decide you want sign up, then use Michael’s funnel. He will offer you methods and tools, which will give you a higher chance to succeed.

If you use My 10 K Model, you will get:

  • Social messenger
  • sales funnel system
  • Michael lead method
  • Michael private coaching group
  • Team traffic rotator
  • Youtube video ranking

The above things will increase your good chances to succeed within the system.

However, the team traffic will be of great help to everyone.

Is it a scam?

In my honest opinion, if you are thinking about joining the system with the aim of making money I beliece it is possible. It is not a scam but you will want to make sure to join through the My 10k Model funnel so you are able to get the extra tools and funnel.

I have reviewed a lot of programs that I have rated much lower than My 10k Model and some much higher like my #1 recommendation which I rated 9 out of 10 stars.

Nevertheless, it is up to you to do your homework for yourself before spending any money on this program. Quite a number of people claim it is a scam and if you have searched the web and read some of the reviews you nkow what I am saying here.

Can you make money?

Sure, through the system you can make money.

But join through the founder who will give you some tools to help give you a better chance to succeed.

But keep in mind that is going to take you lots of time, don’t be fooled by the sales page.

You can make 10 k per month but it’s going to be hard, especially if you’re a newbie.


The system can help you make money.

You are not going to get rich over night but if you apply what is taught and take massive action you could make a decent income from this opportunity I believe. Remember, the more people you introduce to the program the more income you are going to make.

There are many amazing online business opportunities for newbies you can tap into. I invite you to take a look at a free opportunity that is my #1 Recommended Training. 

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