October 22, 2017

Internet Wealth Biz Scam Warning! [Reviewed]



What is internet wealth biz?

This is an online money making program that has a claim that one can be in a position to earn $3,384.16 each day. They have a pretty simple sales page which is basically a video of some people who claim to have earned thousands of dollars each day by using this system.

I really do not like breaking it to you that this website is a crap.

I will provide several reasons in this article giving some reasons as to why I refer it to as a complete crap. Have always tried giving the bad and the good part of the program which can help weigh the program it out.

It has no advantage. It has up-sells, some fake testimonials, unrealistic income claims and not enough info.

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How does it work?

The idea given in this program is basically some affiliate marketing. This all what the sales pitch says about the system. It will claim to explain later though in the real sense it doesn’t.

It just misdirects you and never has such a discussion.

This program uses fake testimonials which almost half of their actors are unconvincing and all they say is unconvincing.

They have some bold earning claims which is probably what most people search for

Their testimonials give some big numbers to you and this is continued in their sales pitch.

It is however very tempting and much easier to get sucked upon hearing such figures. Such claims have no basis in reality and can literally be just plucked from air.

The internet wealth biz has some earing prove which is aimed at encouraging more people to join the program. They too have a video which shows you their themes.

The various signs to show that the internet biz is a scam

I hope by the time you read this article to this point, you are much convinced that the internet wealth biz is a real scam. For following are some good signs that the internet wealth biz is a scam.

Unrealistic income claims

Internet Wealth Biz Scam

Just before getting deeper into this, I want you to get an understanding that it is very possible to make money online. However, it is not as easy and quick as the internet wealth biz make it. 3,384.16 is probably unrealistic pay in a day for one to start earning.

At least not even in some first six months of starting online. Scams like the internet wealth biz just throw some huge income numbers aimed at getting you excited to give them your money.

Fake testimonials

InternetWealth Biz

Among the most effective methods of gaining people’s trust is through using other people to just claim that they made lots of money with the system. Scams like internet wealth biz probably know this. They just spent some little money getting actors to reads some ridiculous scripts.

Not enough information

The internet wealthy biz just ambiguously tells you that you will be in a position to earn money. They do not provide some details on anything. They just bit around the bush for their given videos.


As you can probably guess, the program will just get some huge thumps down especially from me and cannot be in a position to recommend it since you can get to see that is not probably meant to help you.

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