April 24, 2018

Is Complete Profit Code a Scam? Lets Take a Look

Complete Profit Code Review                                                           

Name: Complete Profit Code

Website: securehomeincomeprogram.com

Owner: Karen Evans

Price: $97  plus upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1 out 10

My #1 Recommendation: Wealthy Affiliate FREE starter membership

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What is Complete Profit Code?

Complete Profit Code is a bridge site that has only one intention and that is to lead you into joining an MLM program called MOBE. As you go through the 3 step process you will be hit with a few upsells and eventually end up with the opportunity to join MOBE.

This is not the only program out there that is using this same technique to promote MOBE. I know because I have reviewed several of them over the past year. To me, this is an unethical way of recruiting and sends out a big red flag right from the get-go.

Why they would need to try and deceive people in this way I will never quite understand. If MOBE was a decent opportunity I would think there would be no need to try and be sneaky about how you do your recruiting, right?

Some Misconceptions

They claim they have been on Fox News and other news outlets.

This is as fake as it gets. They have not been featured on any of these news outlets. It is sad they have to do this to try and gain some credibility. Another thing I noticed is some of the over-hyped up claims they make.

Oh really? Change your life and start making Money in 5 minutes?

So how would there be limited spots left in a certain area when this is an online opportunity? This is just their way to try and make you think it is urgent that get signed up quickly or you may not get a spot. Trust me there is no limit on spots or limitations on certain areas.

So is Complete Profit Code a Scam?

Well, I am not going to get way out over my skies here and call this program a complete scam but it sure is about as close as you can get without actually being one. Just from all the misleading going on, fake images and over-hyping they do sends out the alarm bells going off.

I say Avoid this one.

I understand how frustrating it can be when looking for an honest, legit way to make money online with all of the scams out on the web nowadays. The truth is that there really are some good programs to make money online.

I invite you to check out my review of my #1 recommendation to make money online Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an online program that will provide you with the training, tools, support and everything you need to create an online business. And the best part about it is that you can get started at Wealthy Affiliate for FREE!

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