January 29, 2017

My Best Productivity Tips

Keeping your focus while working is a problem most of us struggle with, especially when doing something online. There are simply too many things to juggle at once and too many distractions! Fortunately, there are ways to help you remain concentrated – here are some of my best productivity tips:

Less is more

If you’re a blogger, then you must’ve encountered the temptation of reading just a little bit of extra research. But does reading another blog or watching yet another video going to make your text that much better? One of the best productivity tips is not to fall into the trap of doing too much research and too little writing.Do not try to be perfect.It is just a blog post.

Get some tech help

There are wonderful apps and tools that can help you remain focused. Use Pocket when you stumble upon an interesting article – the app allows you to save the material for later so you can focus on your work at the moment. The controlled Multi-Tab Browsing is a Chrome extension which limits the number of tabs you can open, and it’s an awesome way to do more work instead of wasting your time over-researching a topic.

Know the right pace

There’s a right pace for everything; if you’re running a marathon but you’re doing it as a sprinter, you won’t get far and you’re likely going to be exhausted half-way through it. Blogging and writing is a marathon so pace yourself and know your limits – this is one of the best productivity improvement tips you’re likely to get.

Plan, plan and… plan

I simply can’t highlight this enough. Never sit down at your computer without having some sort of a plan in your head. If you’re doing research, decide on how many sources you’ll need and allot the necessary time. Even better, have a list of tasks you plan on doing – this will keep you motivated and focused, and prevent you from procrastinating on social media. One of the greatest productivity improvement tips is grouping similar tasks together – this allows for maximum efficiency.

Know when you’re most productive

Inspiration arrives at the most surprising of moments – some of us might feel struck by in the middle of the night and others like to begin their blogs after they’ve had their morning cup of coffee. In any way, you should know what time of the day you’re most productive and stick to it. Budget your time and make your schedule around this – if you’re a morning writer, you’re not likely to do much work past 9pm.

Schedule breaks

I already mentioned that writing is a marathon and taking breaks is critical. However, knowing when to take a break and for how long is a true art – you don’t want your half-an-hour break to turn into a half-a-day of browsing Facebook, do you? You can use apps like 30/30 to schedule your breaks – get off the computer to make yourself a nice cup of tea or go for a walk!

I hope you enjoyed this post and can put some of these ideas to good use.

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