Go Easy Earn Review – $100 per Day or Scam?

go easy earn

go easy earn

Go Easy Earn is a site that claims to offer users an avenue through which they can earn money by just sharing a link with others.

According to the site, when someone new clicks on your link you are paid money.

To many people, this sounds like a scam unless they get assurance and proof it is a real avenue for earning money.

Instead of speculation and assumptions, let’s dive into this Go Easy Earn review to see the truth about the site to help you decide if it is a scam or not.

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What is Go Easy Earn?

Go Easy Earn, as described on the site, is a kind of affiliate program in which members are paid for sharing “their link” with others.

Just sharing the personal link should earn you money and this is the biggest suspect many people joining the site have that makes them think it is a scam. It sounds so easy and straightforward, so how does it work?

How does it work?

After sharing your personal link with different people online, you are compensated according to the number of people who click on that link.

According to Go Easy Earn, you are paid $0.01 each time someone clicks on your personal link, and this definitely wouldn’t be bad if you can reach a wide audience. However, the truth after some investigation is that you are given $0.001 for each unique click, which means the site is lying about the amount you are paid for unique clicks.

With such a compensation model, you would need to work 10 times more to get what you would get if the rate specified on the site is upheld. Plus you cannot withdraw your money unless you have at least $5 in your account, which is by the way sensible.

The biggest problem is that you need 3000 clicks to get those $5 dollars (you are given a $2 signup bonus, so add that to your earnings).

Suppose you are able to hit the withdraw limit, will you really be paid? See answer below.

Is it a scam?

On top of the fact you are duped into believing you earn $0.01 for each unique click, Go Easy Earn does not at any point release your payout when you attain the minimum amount or more.

This makes it a scam and it operates just like many where you are encouraged to invite others to earn a fee then when the minimum amount to withdraw is attained no transfers are made, neither will the support ever reply to your messages.

In order to be paid, you will be instructed to take a survey, and this is the most interesting part because besides not getting paid, the survey is a project that earns the creator money.

In short, this is an exploitative loop and a bad scam that you should avoid.

Can you make money?

Sorry, if you thought there is anything to earn from Go Easy Earn you’re about to waste your time and energy. Everything on that site is a scam and instead of wasting your time on something that will frustrate you with no benefits, it’s advisable to try something else.


From all the observations made and points proved, Go Easy Earn is a scam that will just waste your time.

It does not matter how much you accumulate on your account, the money will never be paid to you.

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