Is Job Killer System a scam? Unbiased Job Killer [Review]

Job Killer System Review

Ever heard of this program called “Job Killer System? I assume you’ve heard about it and you are here to learn what this program is all about. A friend told me about this program sometime last year, I took a look and called the friend back immediately. I instructed him to do something immediately based on what I discovered about this program known as Job Killer System.Job Killer System Review

Before I finish this Job Killer System Review, you will learn everything you need to know about this system. You will also learn exactly what I told my friend. You are probably here to find out if Job Killer System is legit or scam. Keep on reading to learn everything that you need to know about this program.
Product: Job Killer System


Owner: David Marshall

Price: $37-$49 + expensive upsells

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10

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What is Job Killer System?

Job Killer System is a program that claims you can make as much as $347 per day online. According to the owner of this program, you will be able to make between $500 and $700 commissions on complete autopilot when you join this program.

Job Killer System has more than one sales page. Depending on which sales page you actually on, you will be able to see many claims of earnings. The creators also claim that all the hard works have been done for you. You need to pay between $37 and $47 to get access to this course.

Isn’t that sweet? Not so fast! When someone starts telling that you can make lots of money with little or no work, you should be suspicious of such program. I’m not saying that Job Killer System is a scam yet, I’m also not saying it is legit at least until at the end of this review. However, in my experience, you need to be suspicious of a program that claims you can make lots of money without any work.

The authors provided no explanation about how you will make the so-called $347 per day. According to them, you will discover exactly how you can make this money when you join the system.

legit training to make money

How Does Job Killer System Work?

You are certainly eager to know what I told my friend after taking a look at this program. I told him in plain terms – “stay away”. Whoever, this Job Killer System packaged it as a system that will teach you how to make $347 per day. Surprisingly, Job Killer System is not actually any course and it won’t teach you how to make $347.

The program actually sells other programs to you. You heard that right; Job Killer System actually charges you $347 to introduce you to 3 other programs which include:

  • Jeff 6 Figure Business System
  • Aspire Today
  • 7 Figure Dream Life

I really feel disappointed with the program. Whoever, this program charges you to introduce you to other programs you will buy. He will also earn a commission when you buy those other programs. It is actually disgusting that some people can go to any length to scam others.

Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing bad about introducing people to other programs so you can make a commission when they make a purchase. What is bad about it is that these people are charging you $37 to $47 to introduce you to other fly-by-night programs that don’t work. Whoever, the program claims that you can make $347 from the program. What they actually do is to introduce you to other programs. Some of these programs they will introduce you to have already crashed.

Take for an Example:

  • Digital Altitude (Aspire Today)
  • Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System

Digital Altitude is an MLM training program that claims you can make thousands of dollars by learning from top internet marketing coach. What the program actually does is to teach people how to lie to other people and try to sell them Digital Altitude (the same way it was sold to you).

The program was very popular back in 2016 and I warned people about it. Earlier this year, FTC finally shut them down. FTC which stands for Federal Trade Commission took Digital Altitude/Aspire to court for violating the FCT Act and taking over $14 million from costumers who wanted to start their own online business.

Unfortunately, my good friend lost a lot of money in Digital Altitude. The program is a scam. In the same way, any program that charges you to introduce you to Digital Altitude is also a scam.

Another program that would be sold to you when you purchase “Job Killer System” is Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System. Just like Digital Altitude, you will need to spend a lot of money running into thousands of dollars upfront before you start to promote and generate commission.

Sadly, when you pay these thousands of dollars upfront, the creators of Job Killer System will be making commissions. Apart from ripping you off $37, they make commissions when you join other programs recommended in their system.


  • There is no pro. Some of the programs recommended in the course have crashed and you will need to invest over $1000 to be able to promote others and make a commission


  • Very expensive
  • You will keep on going in a circle without actually making any money
  • Fake testimonial
  • Fake income claims
  • The program doesn’t work
  • Fake scarcity tactic
  • Full of lies and deception


Is Job Killer System a Scam?

Yes. Job Killer System is 100% scam. I will give you the same advice I gave my friend – “stay away”. If you are looking for a program that will help you make money online, this is NOT it!

Whoever, Job Killer System has the balls to charge you to introduce you to other high-ticket programs in which he will gain commission. It is sad to see that people are becoming more daring with their scam nowadays. Don’t fall for this cheap scam.

There is nothing done for you like they claimed. All they do is take $37 from you to recommend other programs where you will need to spend thousands of dollars. The sad thing is that those programs they are introducing you to don’t work as well.

Is There Any Alternative?

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Thank’s for visiting my Job Killer System Review. If you have any questions just leave them in the comment section below or get in touch with me via my profile page inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

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