Is My 10k Model a scam? (My No BS 10k Model Review)

My 10k Model Review

I believed that you saw “My 10K Model” online or someone pitched you the idea and you are here to find out if this program is legit or scam. I discovered My 10K Model in the past and it actually took me a while to write this review. I was busy with other programs until recently when someone asked my opinion on this program.

From the name “My 10K Model” – You will get the impression that you will make $10,000 when you join the program. Well, you will have an opportunity to find out from this honest and unbiased review. You made a great decision reading this review. Today, you will learn everything you need to know about My 10K Model. You will also learn whether this course is a scam or legit.My 10k Model Review

Product: My 10k Model


Creator: Michael Mansell

Price: $25 – $1000

Business Model: Affiliate Marketing

Overall Rating: 20 out of 100

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What is My 10K Model?

My 10 Model is a course in affiliate marketing created by a known affiliate marketer Michael Mansell. The author claims that the course is an automated system that can easily generate for you $1,000 instant commissions with little or no work.

In reality, the author of this course – Michael Mansell is an affiliate to a program known as “Easy1 Up”. He makes money by introducing you to Easy1 Up after joining his program My 10 Model. In essence, My 10K Model is just a program that teaches you how you can make money online using Easy1 Up.

My problem with My 10 Model is that it is being sold as an affiliate training program. Whereas, it just teaches you how you can make money by joining another program known as “Easy1 Up”.


How Does My 10k Model Work?

My 10k Model claimed on their website that you will get the following when you join:

  • Multiple lead capture pages
  • Generate unlimited leads
  • Send email broadcasts
  • Done for you autoresponder
  • Up to 5 replicating banner ads
  • Facebook Messenger Integration

The platform actually delivers this promise but only when you join Easy1 Up. My 10K Model claimed to be an affiliate program. However, you only make money when you join Easy1 Up by introducing other people to the system. This, without a doubt, makes it an MLM system and not an affiliate system. If you are not the type that can recruit, you won’t have any business buying this course.

When you decide to join Easy1 Up, Michael will make money by introducing you to the platform. He will also make money as you upgrade on Easy1 Up. You too will make money when you introduce people to join using your link on Easy1 Up.

To ensure you join this program using his affiliate link, Michael provides some mouth-watering offer that includes giving you:

  • Sales funnel system
  • Social messenger integration
  • Team traffic rotator
  • YouTube video ranking
  • His private coaching group
  • His Lead Method.

To be fair, you could use some of these methods mentioned above to promote other products, not just Easy1 Up. However, you should have it on the back of your mind that the product is focused on promoting just Easy1 Up. You automatically become a member when you buy My 10K Model. Thus, you will be persuaded to promote Easy1 Up so that you can make the money he promised you.


every thing you need to start an online business


How Does Easy1 Up Works?

If you are familiar with MOBE, Aspire and Empower Network, Easy1 Up works in a similar way. You will join the program through the lowest level of membership known as “Elevation”. This lowest level will cost you $25 to sign up. After joining the program, you can upgrade to other levels mentioned above:

Elevation Elite: $100

Vertex: $250

Vertex Elite: $500

Vertex Pro: $1000

At Vertex Elite and Vertex Pro levels, you get access to the Traffic Rotator, which drives traffic to your funnel. Like you can see above, $25 is the lowest money you can pay to join this program. If you are hoping that you will make a lot of money by paying just one-time $25, keep on dreaming. To actually make good money from this program, you will have to upgrade to the highest level and then recruit other people that will do the same.

Note: It is important to mention at this point that you will only earn a commission when you have successfully introduced other people into Easy1 Up. Moreover, you only earn when a new member joins at a level lower than yours. If a new member referred through your link joins at a level above yours, his commissions will be given to the affiliate above you in the pyramid.

To make sure you join or upgrade to the highest level, Michael uses the limitation on commission described above as well as Traffic Rotator to get you to join at the highest level or upgrade to the highest level. Since you are only going to earn money when you introduce people to the platform, you will still have to spend some money on promotions and on ads.  One thing I hate about this program is that you have to recruit like crazy to make money with these types of schemes. Without active recruitment, you will make nothing.



  • You will get access to a top affiliate marketer
  • You will learn some promotion methods
  • Have cheap entry price



  • This is not affiliate marketing
  • It is MLM – You only earn when you introduce people to the platform
  • You have to spend money on promotion
  • The program is not transparent with its visitors
  • You need to recruit a lot of people to make a sizeable income
  • You don’t have any control over this business



Is My 10K Model a Scam?

I will stop short of calling my 10K Model a scam. The method taught on the program can earn you money only if you can recruit like crazy. Please note that this is pyramid-like MLM scheme. If you know that you cannot recruit, there is no need to buy this program.

My only problem with My 10K Model is that the author wasn’t transparent about what you are getting on his sales page. He made it sound like he is going to teach you affiliate marketing only to introduce you to MLM Scheme. Moreover, Easy1 Up which is a program he will introduce to aren’t transparent with visitors. Before you can get anything from them, you must pay the entry-level price which is $25.

While My 10K Model may not be a scam, I would certainly not recommend it to anyone. MLM schemes always crash just like Aspire. This one too will crash; it is just a question of time.


Any Alternative?

Why waste your time on MLM schemes while you can create real passive income online? If you are interested in creating your own online business, I will recommend that you get “Wealthy Affiliate”. This is the only program that will teach you exactly how to build a profitable business from home.

Wealthy Affiliate vs My 10k Model comparison chart

comparison chart conclusion

Thank’s for visiting my review of My 10k Model and I hope I answered any questions you may have had regarding whether My 10k Model is a scam or legit opportunity to make money online.

Please if you have any questions or just want to drop me a message leave them in the comments section below or get in touch with me via my profile page inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

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