Panel Payday: Are They Really Paying Or Is It Another BS Site?

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A great way to know a website that is legit or scam is by looking at the claims the website makes. I have come across so many survey websites with a lot of them making claims to make you rich just by taking surveys.

Normally, I would get skeptical each time I see such websites. Today, you will learn if Panel Payday is one of those surveys that are a scam or legit. Keep on reading to find out more about this website.


What is Panel Payday?

Panel Payday is a new survey website that promises to match its members with “verified paid survey panels”. According to Panel Payday, it will also expose you to other opportunities to earn money online.


How Does Panel Payday Works?

When I stumbled on Panel Payday, the first thing that caught my attention is that their website makes it explicitly clear that you are here to earn extra money. They did not promise that you are going to become rich taking surveys or replace your day job with the money you will make from taking paid surveys. Instead, they promise to help you make extra money by matching you with verified paid surveys.

This is heart-warming considering that most survey sites these days will promise that you can make as much as $3500 per month just from taking paid surveys. I love that they are transparent and honest upfront.

Secondly, they are also upfront that when you sign up with them, you will get instant access to their partner companies. This is because Panel Payday is not actually a survey company. What they do is that when you sign up, they will refer you to other survey websites. When you complete survey on these websites, they will earn a commission.

It is important that I point out at this point that there is nothing wrong with this; a lot of websites do it. However, I love the fact that Panel Payday was completely honest with what they do. They tell you upfront that they will match you with their partner companies, it is now left for you to decide if this is what you want or not.

When you sign up with Panel Payday, you will have to go through 5 different pages with dozens of offers that you can accept or decline. Most of these offers are from legitimate websites and when you complete these offers, both you and Panel Payday will earn a commission. However, the only problem I have with Panel Payday is that they don’t completely verify the websites they send you to. Some of these websites are not legitimate, so there is a probability that you can actually get scammed when you join some of these their partner websites.


The Partners

This is where I totally have problems with Panel Payday. Most of their partners make outrageous earning claims. For instance, after signing up, you will be asked to sign up for 5 more survey websites with one of them telling you that you will make $800 per week by completing paid surveys. One of the websites even claimed that you can make $1196 a week.

Certainly, you are not going to make anywhere near that amount. Most of the surveys pay between $.50 and $20 at most. Besides, Panel Payday takes commission from every payment you get from their partner websites.

Like I mentioned above, Panel Payday works with a lot of survey sites. They also have partners who claim you can make money just by testing products and participating in clinical trials. Some of their partners include Global Test Market Panel, Ipsos Panel, Pinecone Research, and Opinion Outpost. I will like to point out that you can find these partner websites on other survey sites.



  • Gives you access to a lot of legitimate survey sites
  • Free to join
  • Anyone can join



  • You will have to join a lot of other websites


Is Panel Payday a Scam or Legit?

I would not call Panel Payday a scam. However, I have a problem with some of their claims. Let’s take, for instance, they recommend that you can make between $25 and $75 per survey. There is no way you can make such amount per survey at least not here in Panel Payday. The most you can make for each survey is $2.50. You need to know that Panel Payday will also take a commission from your earning. This is a website I would certainly not recommend.


Final Thought and Alternative

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