September 28, 2019

Point 2 Click Profits Review: The Ugly Truth Revealed!

Point 2 Click Profits review

Wouldn't it be awesome if you can just click a button on your computer….and boom, you have $500 in your account! If you do this every day, you will definitely come close to becoming a millionaire within one year. Interestingly, this is exactly what this new product known as Point 2 Click Profits is claiming. You have definitely made the right choice by coming to this trusted review blog to know whether Point 2 Click Profits is a scam or legit product.

With such a big promise, I decided to check out this product as fast as possible before any of my blog followers will invest in it. Honestly, I have seen hundreds of products that made such promises in the past. I have reviewed many of them here on my blog. Almost 99% of them turned out to be a scam or just a waste of your time and money.

I have been making money online for over 9 years through affiliate marketing. In this same period, I have helped many of my students and blog followers to build a sustainable passive income online via Wealthy Affiliate. One thing I know for sure from my experience is that it is not easy to make money online. I have never seen anywhere you can press a button and instantly make $500. Yet, this new product is claiming you can make such money even without any experience.

I decided to investigate Point 2 Click Profits to ensure it is not a scam. In this article, I have reviewed this program. You can now learn about who they are and how they operate. I promise that you will find this article interesting. Keep on reading to learn more.

  • Name: Point 2 Click Profits
  • Type: E-Commerce
  • Owner: Charles MacAllister
  • Price: $47 + Upsells
  • Rating: 0/5

What is Point 2 Click Profits?

Point 2 Click Profits is a new website created by a man who calls himself “Charles MacAllister”. According to the man behind this product, you can make $500 or more per day from Amazon with just a click of a button using his product.

In the sales video, the man who described himself as “Charles MacAllister” called this product a “Black Box System”. This is because it holds information that can make you financially-free. He claimed that all you need to get access to the information in this black box system is to pay him $47 and you will get the information that will make you a millionaire.

Honestly, immediately I started watching the video, I know that something didn't add up. Point 2 Click Profits is in no way affiliated to Amazon. Thus, I wonder how it is possible he was able to create a button that can put up to $500 in your account from Amazon once you press the button. Nevertheless, you will find out the truth shortly. Just keep on reading.

Who is Charles MacAllister?

Before paying for any make-money-online product, it is always important to know the person behind the product. This way, you will know who to hold accountable if the product doesn't work as advertised. In the case of Point 2 Click Profits, the salesman in the video introduced himself as Charles MacAllister. I searched various database, this guy has no history that connects him to making money online. Thus, I have a genuine reason to believe that this is a fake name.

How Does Point 2 Click Profit Works?

Here is where it gets more interesting. Remember that in the video, the guy who introduced himself as Charles MacAllister already called this product “Black Box System”. This means it is supposed to be super-secret and you can only learn the information about how it works when you pay for the product.

First, the video spokesperson did not reveal a lot about how the product works. I was not surprised though. Most people with scam product usually keep a tight-lip about how their product works. The goal is to build excitement and get you to pay for the product. As for Point 2 Click Profits, you will need to make a payment of $47 before you get access to the product. However, there are tons of upsells. $47 is just the front-end price. You will need to pay over $150 if you are to buy all the upsells that come with this product.

When you finally pay for the product, what you will get is a couple of videos that will tell you generic information about becoming an affiliate for To be honest, this information is no different from what you already know or what you can learn by watching free YouTube videos. Yet, the guys behind this product are selling the same information for $47 with all the upsells.

In the videos, they claimed you can make $500+ just by clicking a couple of buttons. Unfortunately, this is not true. Don't get me wrong, it is possible to make over $500 per day on Amazon as a seller or as an affiliate. However, this takes a lot of work and experience. As a new affiliate, you cannot make such amount of money daily when you are just getting started.

This product gives you false hope. It says you don't need any skill and you can start making $500 the same day you joined just by pressing a few buttons. To be honest, this will not happen. The owner will also ask you to buy his upsells in order to get secret tricks to double your earning on Amazon. Avoid falling for this, if you do, the only thing you will get is more generic information copied from the internet.

Ugly Truth About Point 2 Click Profits Revealed

1. Generic Information

If you are hoping to get premium information that will help you make money online, sorry to burst your bubble, this won't happen with this product. Point 2 Click Profit is just a collection of generic information about Amazon affiliate marketing. The information you will get by paying for this product and associated upsell is no different from what you can easily find online with a simple Google search.

Unless you have more than enough money to throw away, the content of this product is just too generic.

2. No Black Box Which Magically Produces $500 Daily

Here is to bursting another bubble. The spokesperson in the video claimed you can make $500 daily just by clicking a button. Well, it is safe to say this won't happen. Nothing is that easy online. If you really want to make money online, you must be willing to put in some serious effort, learn how a system works, work on your business, build your customer base and reputation, and then you can grow your income. There is no magic button to produce an instant $500 for you daily.

3. Charles MacAllister Is Not a Real Person

Oh yea, Charles MacAllister is another fairytale. He doesn't exist. Just like most scam products I have reviewed on my blog, Charles MacAllister is just a fake made up to deceive you. This is all you need to know that this product is a scam. If indeed you can make $500 daily like the guys behind this product claimed, then there will be no need to make use of a fake name.

There is no way to contact this so-called Charles MacAllister. If you run a Google search for the name, you won't get a match. This, without a doubt, is a big red flag that is another scam.

4. Fake Testimonials

Honestly, I know that the testimonials had to be fake. Thus, I decided to make some investigative research. Interestingly, all the images used are stocked photos purchased from stock image websites or even stolen from Google images.

Point 2 Click Profits scam

On a further investigation, I discovered that they made use of a photo of a man known as Jonny Hargrave. When contacted, the guy claimed that he had nothing to do with Point 2 Click Profits. Do not believe their testimonials. Every testimonial here is fake.

Is Point 2 Click Profits a Scam?

Yes, Point 2 Click Profits is a scam. During my investigation, I discovered that Point 2 Click Profits is created by the same people who were behind other scams such as Website ATM, Real Profit Online, and MSW System. I have exposed these aforementioned scams on previous reviews. Each time I expose them, they change their name.

When you look at their “Privacy Policy”, you will discover that the company behind this scam is known as “”. All the products they have created in the past were termed scam. Thus, there is no reason Point 2 Click Profits isn't a scam. I will recommend you avoid this product.

How Do I Make Money Online?

To be honest, I was once like you, confused and tired of so many scams. I almost gave up until I stumbled on “Wealthy Affiliate”. This is a program that teaches you how to build your own online business from scratch. Wealthy Affiliate also gives you every tool and resources you need to be successful online.

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If you are ready to succeed online, I will recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate now. Don't worry, you can get started for free. Besides, if you sign up today, I will coach you until you start making a significant income online.

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