Traverus Review: Do These Signs Show That Traverus Is a Scam?

TraVerus Review

In the past 3 years, I have met tons of people that lost their hard-earned money to MLM scams. Most of these people invested their last penny in the hope they can finally live their dream by joining a profitable online program. In the end, they are left disappointed with these scams. Without a doubt, the MLM industry is vastly associated with online scams. Out of 10 online multi-level marketing, you can barely find 3 that are clean and legit. Even those that seem legit eventually collapse at some point. That was why Traverus made me nervous. Thus, I decided to investigate it and report to you.

If you have been hearing about Traverus or you are interested in joining this online program, you are in the right place. Today, I will expose Traverus for what they are. You will learn everything you need to know about Traverus Global – who they are, how they work, and if they are a scam or legit. This article will also open your eyes about making money online. You are definitely in for a good ride, grab a coffee and enjoy this article.

Product Name: TraverusTraVerus Review

Founder: David Manning

Product Type: Travel MLM

Price: $199.95

Recommended?: Only if you can sell & Recruit


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So What is Traverus?

Traverus claims that they are a company that let anyone live the dream of traveling and earning money at the same time. The company was founded by David Manning in Allen, Texas in 2006. David still remains the CEO today but the president of the company is Larry Cantrell.

According to the founder, traveling industry worth over 7 trillion dollars and it is his hope that an average person can benefit and make some profit just by participating in this industry. As of today, Traverus is accepting registrations from all over the world. Thus, the name of the company today is Traverus Global.

While I was researching Traverus, I discovered that Traverus and another travel company – Paycation are owned and operated by the same people. Both companies were founded by David Manning and operate in a similar way. David is also the same person behind another company known as XStream.

How Does Traverus Global Work?

Like I mentioned above, Traverus is a multi-level marketing company that allows people all over the world to book travel, access skill training, and buy travel and health-related products. I discovered that Traverus does not own these services that they are offering. They are like middleman or more like an affiliate. When you want to access any of these travel and health-related services on their website, they will redirect you to another website where you can pay for those products and services.

Like tons of other MLM network, Traverus operates on the very familiar principles – “Sell and Recruit“. You have to sell to people looking to buy travel-related products and then recruit as many people as you can into the business to boost your chances of earning higher.

Basically, Traverus will pay you a 75% of the commission that comes from your link. The company will also pay you 25% on all referral travel that is booked by corporate agents. In addition to this, when those you recruited make money by making sales, you will earn 5% of their total earning. You will also earn $20 or more as a coded bonus when you enroll the third person into the program. When the third person you referred to the program recruit his first two people, you will also earn $20 each on both of them. Now, when these two people on your downline get their own two recruits each, you will make another $20 from those 4 new recruits. It continues this way and you continue to earn as far as your downliners are recruiting people into the network.


Apart from making a commission from your referrals, you also make a commission from making sales:

  • Paycation vacation club sales= $25
  • Referral Travel consultants= $50
  • Certified travel consultants =$150


This may sound all so easy and enticing. However, you need to get in with almost $200 investment or more. The first package cost $179 and t they call it “Referral Travel Consultant (RTC)”. The second plan is for big boys, it is called “Certified Travel Consultant (CTC)” and cost $449.90. Both plans come with a $59.95 monthly subscription.

After making this investment, you still need to work your ass off in looking for people to book their travels through your link and also getting people to enroll in the program through you. You have no chance of earning if you cannot make a sale or get people to enroll in the program through your affiliate link.


Is Traverus a Scam or a Legit MLM?

Before I conclude, let’s take a look at some indicators:

  • Transparency

Traverus Global is an MLM with a face and management. The CEO and the founder is David Manning and they have a president of the company who is well-known to the participants. Most MLM owners do not reveal their identity. The ability of Traverus to show the people behind the program is a great way to show transparency.

  • Complaints

I went through various complaints about Traverus Global. Most people complained they were not able to recruit. A lot of people believe that Traverus give recruiting a very high priority. This is also reflected in their compensation plan. Thus, if you cannot recruit, your chances of making money in the program are really low. However, I will need to point out that this is not the problem of Traverus but the inability of the participants to recruit.

Bottom Line

Traverus Global is not a scam. The company has well-known managers. However, travel niche is a very competitive industry. Your ability to make money here is very limited. You have to always look for new recruits and be able to make as many sales as possible. You should know that Traverus is an affiliate to lots of businesses. Basically, when you join Traverus, you will spend your time working and building Traverus business for them instead of building your own.Legit

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