If you are a regular online shopper, you can hardly resist the temptation of asking for discounts especially from big ecommerce like Amazon. It is always a good feeling to know you can get a discount on your favorite product on Amazon when other people are paying the regular price.

Come to think of it, if someone offers an item that sells for $100 to you at just $1, you will take it instantly, won’t you? I thought as much. Since most of us are trying to save money when shopping online, it is natural that we are going to jump into any offer that promises us up to 99% off on most of the products on Amazon?

99% discount? Is that even possible? Well, you will have an opportunity to find out in this article. I came across this website that claims you can join them for free, share your opinion, and get up 99% discount on some products on Amazon.

That sounds so good, doesn’t it? I won’t jump to a conclusion yet until I have completely reviewed this site and how it works. If you are wondering if Elite Deal Club is all it claims to be and whether you can actually get up to 99% discount on some items in Amazon, you will have an opportunity to find out in this article.

This honest and unbiased review of Elite Deal Club will tell you everything that you need to know about Elite Deal Club.



What is Elite Deal Club?

Elite Deal Club is an exclusive club that provides the members with the deals on premium Amazon products. According to Elite Deal Club, you can get up to 100 – 200 incredible offers daily when you join the platform. You will get a chance at saving up to 50% cash on a wide variety of great products.

I know you may be asking, what do I have to give up to get these discounts? According to Elite Deal Club, they have partnered with top sellers on Amazon but not affiliated with Amazon.

These sellers want to rank higher on Amazon, therefore, they need your reviews to achieve that elusive higher ranking. They, therefore, provide their products to members of Elite Deal Club in exchange for a review.

On the homepage of the website, it was written “Join Our 390,141 Users in grabbing the hottest Amazon products at the internet’s lowest prices up to 99% off” – This instantly tells you what Elite Deal Club is all about.

They also boast that “every day, they offer hundreds of items which range from baby toys to hottest gadgets and health supplements at ultra low prices to their members.

What really got my attention is the 99% off – I mean, that’s pretty huge. At 99% discount, I wonder if the seller will be making enough money to cover his capital. Many buyers will be happy with just 20% off. At 99% off, no one can resist such temptation. Thus, I was very curious to find out and this made me to take the next step and register on the website.


Registering To Join The Elite Deal Club

Like I mentioned above, you can join Elite Deal Club completely free. So it was a pretty easy decision for me to join. The signup process was super simple. The entire process took just about 30 seconds.

After the registration, I was presented with an instruction to “check my email to confirm my account and then sit back and enjoy emails regarding highly discounted Amazon products”. Once again, this took less than one minute.


How Does Elite Deal Club Work

Joining Elite Deal Club is completely easy and free. People join this platform in the hope of getting discounts on a variety of products.

After joining this platform, you will receive an email daily from Elite Deal Club. You only receive these emails when there are new products available on the platform. These products are available at retail prices.

This means that you will pay a little bit less than what a normal customer will pay when he buys the same product directly at Amazon. As a user on this platform, you are limited to only 5 discounts per day. The discounts available are very limited; you will always receive a prompt to redeem them as quickly as possible.

You can claim the coupon by clicking on the product to buy it. When you click on the product, you will be taken to Amazon. You can complete your purchase on the Amazon website.

Alternatively, you can visit Amazon directly and purchased this product as you would do normally. After adding the desired item on the cart and proceed to checkout, Amazon will prompt you for a discount code, you can get the discount code from this product from your Elite Deal Dashboard on the member’s area and use it to complete your purchase at a discounted price.  When you buy directly on Amazon, you will be able to see the difference in the prices.

Once you receive your product, go ahead and use it and then come back to Amazon to give your honest reviews. The reviews don’t necessarily need to be positive. You need to ensure you give your honest opinion irrespective of the discount offered to you.


Can You Really Make Money With Elite Deal Club?

Here is the deal; Elite Deal Club never promised that you can make money with their website. Unlike most websites I have reviewed in the past, there is no place on the website where it stated that you can make money with Elite Deal Club.

However, they promised the website could help you to “save” money. Below is what they stated on their website:

“Each day we offer our members 100-200 incredible offers meaning you get the chance at a wide variety of great products ultimately saving you tons of money. These offers are HIGHLY discounted with prices marked down between 50% off all the way to FREE!”


You may end up getting disappointed if you joined Elite Deal Club to make money. However, there is a possibility you can make money with discounted products you will purchase from this website. The only option I see to make money with Elite Deal Club is to resell the items you purchased on this platform.

The fact is that you may not need some of the items listed for sales on Elite Deal Club platform. You can buy these items and then re-list them for sell on sites such as Craigslist or eBay at a higher price, then sell them and keep the profit. You can absolutely use this method to make money on Elite Deal Club. However, note that this method is not reliable. If you really want to build a profitable online business, you will need something that is consistent with the ability to actually generate some kind of revenue for you.

Besides, you are only allowed to purchase five discounted products and it may take forever to actually find the product you deemed valuable. If you are going to be reselling these products, you need to be careful because you may not always find a buyer to buy the item back from you. Make sure you stick to buying what you could use in the future in case you don’t find any buyer.


Elite Deal Club Referral Program

Elite Deal Club has a referral program where members can earn Amazon Gift Card of various amounts. However, their referral program works a bit different from other referral programs I have come across. They hold a contest every week to see who will get the most referrals. You will be rewarded with Amazon Gift Card if you are in the top 20 referrers of the week:

  • First Place gets a $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2nd -4th get a $10 Amazon Gift Card
  • 5th-20th get a $5 Amazon Gift Card

When you sign up, a unique referral link will be generated for you. You can get this referral link from the members’ area and use it in referring new members to the platform.



  • Completely free
  • Tons of products available
  • Anyone can join
  • Get discounted products on Amazon


  • You may not always get a product you need


Is Elite Deal Club A Scam or Legit?

Elite Deal Club is NOT a scam. In fact, is a website where you can get a great “Deal”. You can be able to save money simply by purchasing items on Elite Deal Club.


Sites Like Elite Deal Club

Do you want alternatives to Elite Deal Club? There are tons of other websites just like Elite Deal Club where you can get deal on products available on Amazon. Some of these websites include:

  • Amazing Deals Group
  • Amazon Vine
  • AMZ Blitz
  • Amziing
  • AMZ RC
  • Brand Aware Club
  • Blue Ribbons Review
  • DealHustl
  • Giveaway Nation
  • Dollar Deal Reviews
  • Etailz
  • Jump Spend
  • KabelDirekt


Final Thought

If you are looking for a way to save money on items you purchase on Amazon, you can join Elite Deal Club and save money from discount products you will get on this platform. Remember to always come back and leave your honest review. Note that Elite Deal Club is not a platform to make money. If you are looking for a way to make money online, I will recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate. This program will teach you everything you need to build a successful business online from scratch.

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