June 26, 2018

Is 7 Figure Franchise a Scam? No BS 7 Figure Franchise Review

7 Figure Franchise review

If you are here to find out if Michael Cheney’s 7-Figure Franchise is a scam or legit, you did the right thing. Nowadays, there are so many courses online claiming what they are not. By taking this step, you can be able to find out all the truth and nothing but the truth about 7 Figure Franchise.

When someone claims that he is going to “practically force you to make money with his training program” you will need to investigate the truth behind such statements. I know Michael Cheney from some of his products in JVZOO and ClickBank. However, that doesn’t mean that I will take everything he says hook, line, and sinker. It is a common knowledge that some of these marketers sometime will come up with a course that may not be all that it appears to be. So today, I will tell you the truth about 7 Figure Franchise. This will help you make your decision whether it worth your investment or not. 7 Figure Franchise review

Name: 7 Figure Franchise

Website: commissionology.org/7-figure-franchise/

Owner: Michael Cheney

Price: $1997.00

Overall Rating: 55 out of 100

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What is 7 Figure Franchise?

I believe that you know what “franchise” means. Now, Michael Cheney has created a lot of products. With his 7 Figure Franchise, you will get access to all his products as well as a done-for-you sales funnel to promote those products.

According to him, you will get to keep the 100% commission on any product you sell. These products include:

  • The Commission Machine 2017
  • Commissionology
  • Commission Black Ops
  • Copy Paste Commissions
  • Commission Partel
  • How to Scope for Cash
  • Child’s play profits
  • The Fan Page Money Method
  • Email Black Ops
  • List Building Black Ops

If you have been into affiliate marketing for a long time or if you use to buy digital download products online, you may have come across one of these products before. With an offer like this, barely a few can resist it. However, if experience has taught me anything, it is that all that glitters are not gold. Let’s take a look at how this works to know if this is something you should give a try or not.


How Does 7 Figure Franchise Works?

Like I mentioned above, you will need to pay $1997 to get access to all the Michael Cheney’s products. This also comes with done-for-you sales funnel you can use in promoting such products.

According to Michael, he is a household name as far as internet marketing is concerned. This means that these products will practically sell themselves as far as you can drive genuine traffic. He also promises that you will get to keep the 100% commission. Another thing is that some of these products have upsells, downsells, recurring products, and the high ticket backend product that will increase your commission.

He claims that all you have to do is send traffic to any of these products. You will get to earn from the front-end price as well as the upsells and downsells. You can easily send traffic to any of these products using the done-for-you sales funnel that you will get when you pay for this product. For each product you sell, you will get 100% commissions instantly to your PayPal Account. No product creation is required. Everything you need is already done for you.  Michael insists that he is basically handing you his entire business model on a silver platter and all you have to do is just promote it to make commissions.

Michael has High-Ticket products that cost as much as $1000. You will get to keep the full commission each time you sell any of these high-ticket products.

To be honest, what you will be getting when you buy this program is a resell right of all the Michael Cheney’s products with some decent training on traffic generation. It is possible you can make money from this program if you have mastered how to promote products online.

Note that $1997 is not the last price you will pay to get full access. Once you are inside, there is another upsell worth $4997. This upsell will allow you to get Michael’s help in promoting these products to his followers on Facebook and Twitter. You will also get 180-days direct cell phone support from him as well as $2500 for every insider sale.


  • Decent video training
  • Michael is a well-known and trusted name
  • 60-Day 200% money-back guarantee
  • Done-for-you tools
  • No product creation required
  • All the tools you need for promotion are available




Is 7 Figure Franchise a Scam or Legit?

No, this product is not a scam. You can make decent earning if you know how to promote products online. However, I believe it is a little bit over-hyped. Most people don’t know how to drive targeted traffic; it may take some time before you can recoup your investment. You will still need to spend money on traffic and running ads.


Final Thought and Better Alternative

7 Figure Franchise gives you full resell right of Michael Cheney’s products. However, what you basically do is help him promote his products and build his brand name. You are simply making him more popular and at the same time helping him build his business. In my opinion you would be way better off  building your own business using my top rated program below.

Wealthy Affiliate vs 7 Figure Franchise comparison chart

comparison chart conclusion

Thank you for visiting my 7 Figure Franchise review. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below or contact me via my profile page inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

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