What is Leveraged Breakthrough System? [Must See Review]

Leveraged Breakthrough System Review

Is Leveraged Breakthrough System your ticket to financial freedom or just another scam that is going to disappoint? You will find out shortly! It seems like Leveraged Breakthrough System is the next big thing on the internet in 2018 after World Cup of course.

I mean, when someone promises that you can make as much as $500 to $10,000 weekly, you need to pay attention. It gets better; Leveraged Breakthrough System even promises that majority of the work will be done by your “success coach” while you enjoy the cool cash to your bank account weekly.

Sound cool, right? Not so fast!

Leveraged Breakthrough System sounds like an incredible opportunity to make money online. But don’t get your hopes up yet. In 2016, a system known as “Digital Altitude (Aspire)” hit the internet and spread like a wildfire. The system allows you access with just $1 but once you are inside, you will pay over $3000 to learn from the so-called “success coaches”. Guess what? Most people blindly bought into the system and lost their money. Digital Altitude was finally shut down this year by FTC.

So you see, Leveraged Breakthrough System is not the first high-ticket program that promises to help you make thousands of dollars with help of “success coaches” through their secret method. Like the saying goes “experience is the best teacher”. So before you jump in, make sure you read this honest and unbiased full review of Leveraged Breakthrough System.

Leveraged Breakthrough System Review


  • Name: Leveraged Breakthrough System
  • Website URL: leveragedbreakthrough.com
  • Price: between $3,247 and $21,847
  • Created in: 2018
  • Overall Rating: 2 out of 10
  • Recommended: No

What is Leveraged Breakthrough System?

Leveraged Breakthrough System is a program that claims you can make between $500 and $10,000 weekly with the help of “success coaches” who will help you achieve financial freedom using their secret method.

According to the spokesman in their video, the system is so amazing because you are not required to have any previous experience. You can start making money the same day you join. You don’t even have to worry about how the process works because their success coach will do more than 70% of the work for you.

Well… life isn’t that easy! I have never seen anyone that makes $10,000 with “little” work. You’ve made a great decision to read this full review of Leveraged Breakthrough System before you join. In this article, you will learn of everything that you need to know about how this system works. You will also earn if it is legit or just another scam. Just keep on reading, we will get there soon!


How Does Leveraged Breakthrough System Works?

Ok, here is the exciting part. I have already established that Leveraged Breakthrough System is a “high-ticket-program”. To join, you will need to pay between $3,247 and 21,847. Well, that is a lot of money. The system works very similar to most high-ticket programs such as Digital Altitude and MOBE which have been shut down.

Leveraged Breakthrough System has four levels and you can join at any of these follows. The cost for each level is:

  • Gold Level 1 – $3k + $247 admin fee
  • Platinum Level 2 – $7k + $447 admin fee
  • Diamond Level 3 – $14k + $647 admin fee
  • Ultra Royal Level 4 – $21k + $847 admin fee

From the breakdown above, the minimum you can spend to join the program is $3247. After paying such a hefty fee, you won’t get access to all the features of the program because you haven’t paid the full price yet.

What happens after you make payment? While on the site, you will have an option to see different coaches (Coach Ross and Coach Kevin), each one with his story. However, they all have one thing in common – to funnel you into Leveraged Breakthrough System. However, before you can get any of these so-called “success coaches”, you will have to make your payment.

They claim that after you make your payment, you will then be told a secret formula for amassing a huge wealth online within few days of joining Leveraged Breakthrough System. Apparently, it is very simple to make this money once you join this system.


What is the Program All About?

In reality, what you are paying for is what is called pay-to-play recruiting system. Leveraged Breakthrough System is in fact, a fancy MLM program. What actually happens is that after you pay such huge amount of money to join the program, you will have to find other gullible people to join the program so you can make your money back and of course, make money for the so-called coaches.

Is that what you really want?

Absolutely not! No one pays $21,000 to start looking for people to recruit. The so-called coaches will abandon you along the line or simply give you a task you won’t be able to complete. I have seen this with Digital Altitude, so it is not something new. Whether you join the program at the lowest or highest level, your goal is to recruit as many people as possible. The more people you recruit, the more money you will be able to make.

Here is the catch: They won’t reveal the above secret to you. In the sales page and their webinar, they claim that once you join, their success coaches will do all the work for you using a secret system that can make you between $5000 and $10,000 weekly. That’s BS!

Once you join the program, you will get a duplicate site and a unique phone number to promote the program.  When people see your site and call the phone number, you get the credit. Your task after joining Leveraged Breakthrough System is to get people down to your site and then get them to join the program. You make a commission whenever you recruit someone into the program.


Low-Quality Products

The funny thing is that after you pay up to $21,000 to join Leveraged Breakthrough System, what you get is:

  • A simple copy of a website
  • Some copy paste emails
  • A lead tracking system
  • Digital Private Label Rights product with information

All these won’t cost you more than $400 if you decide to buy them separately on your own. The shocking part is that after paying such huge amount of money, you are not taught to build your own business like the program I recommend does, instead, you will be promoting the same system with additional investment. Note that the website you are using is the same as other members, so there is no chance of ranking on Google because search engines hate such websites.


It is pretty obvious that the system is a pyramid scheme. It doesn’t make sense to risk $21,000 or even $3000 just to join a glorified pyramid scheme. Truly, you can put your money to better use.


Other Similar Programs Have Recently Been Shutdown

Like I mentioned above, similar high-ticket programs such as Digital Altitude and MOBE has been shut down by FTC. Most of these high-ticket programs scam people of their hard-earned money. Surprisingly, Leveraged Breakthrough System is structured the same way like these programs that have been shut down. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that the same people behind Digital Altitude and MOBE are behind the Leveraged Breakthrough System.


Is Leveraged Breakthrough System a Scam?

I talked to many people, some of them argued that it is possible to make money with the program and so, therefore, it is not a scam. Truthfully, I won’t join this program even if I have millions of dollars lying around somewhere. This type of system is not sustainable; it is only a matter of time before it crashes. Even if Leveraged Breakthrough System is not a scam, it looks like one because the creators won’t tell you what you are getting until you are inside.

If you want my advice – Stay Away!


Is There Any Alternative?

Believe it or not, it is possible to make money online without paying such an outrageous amount of money. All it takes is dedication and commitment. You don’t have to pay anyone $3000 or $21,000 for a system that could crash any day. I invite you to check out a program that has been around since 2005 and still going strong today.

This program called Wealthy Affiliate will teach you step by step how to buildd your own online business that can last for years to come. You can go here to check it out.

Thank’s for visiting my review of Leveraged Breakthrough System. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below.

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