Is Manifestation Millionaire a scam? Full Unbiased review

Manifestation Millionaire review

Are you here to find out if Manifestation Millionaire is a scam or legit? You are in for a treat. Keep on reading to find out more about Manifestation Millionaire. I bet the name of this program has already given you a clue about what it is all about. If you are thinking that this book will claim to make you a millionaire, then we are on the same page. This is because that was my initial thought when I stumbled on this program.Manifestation Millionaire review

But something struck me as odd. Just late last week, Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook and Instagram was named as the third richest person in the world just after Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Don’t worry; I’m not here today to give you a list of millionaires. However, I just want to point out something they have in common. I know why you probably want to buy “Manifestation Millionaire” is because you want to become a millionaire too and maybe, just maybe have your name written on the same list that Mark and other billionaires belong to.

Here is a shocker: these billionaires and even millionaires you know have one thing in common and it is probably not what you are thinking. I can’t go into how they made their money right here but I damn sure know they didn’t become a millionaire by paying $37 to learn how to become a millionaire. Well, you might be in luck. Who knows? The Manifestation Millionaires an e-book sold for just $37 may be all you need to become a millionaire after all. I am going to take a deep dive and reveal a few things you should know about this ebook in my unbiased review of Manifestation Millionaire.

What is Manifestation Millionaire?

Manifestation Millionaire is an ebook created by a man known as Darren Regan. According to the author, his book will teach you various mindset techniques to make it easier for you to tackle business and reach your goals. It is a combination of the law of attraction and positive vibration.

Darren claimed that what is in his book is a powerful system used by successful businessmen, celebrities, and wealthy people to get to where they are today. Going on, he claimed that the book will teach you various ways to open a hidden entrance to move from where you are today into the successful world of endless wealth immediately.

Just so you know, Manifestation Millionaire is not an online business neither does it teach any online business. This ebook will NOT teach you how to set up any business whether physically or online. However, it is created to give you the right mindset into pursuing whatever you want to pursue in order to achieve your dreams.

How Does Manifestation Millionaire Works?

To be honest, the first time I stumbled on this program, I actually thought it is one of those programs that claim to make you rich by doing a little or no work online. Don’t get me wrong, this program also claims you can find wealth fast. However, it focuses on giving you the mindset you need to take action instead of telling you the exact action you need to take.

Personally, I’m “all-hands-on-deck” kind of guy. I don’t sit around reading how to become a millionaire. Instead, I put in work daily to see my dreams come to reality (no matter how little). Thus, you might find my opinion a little bit biased. While reading this book, I discovered it has some good points. However, I couldn’t imagine myself spending an entire day reading how to become a millionaire.

The Manifestation Millionaire is a 78-page long ebook written in very bold fonts. The e-book provides the fundamental secret law of attraction. According to the author, you need to learn the secret law of attraction in order to see your dream come true. In the book, Darren claims that what is written in the e-book can be applied in any business or in any situation.

It also provides motivation and advice. For instance, the author admonished that you should never worry about your failure or dwell in your past because it is against the law of attraction. He went on to say that one of the biggest advantages of using his system is that once you master it, it will work with your brain and you can produce a result within a short period of time.

To give you an idea of what this ebook is all about, below is the table of content.

  • Chapter 1: The buck stops with you and how you are thinking
  • Chapter 2: From ashes to the abundance
  • Chapter 3: Turning on the television of your thoughts: Visualization
  • Chapter 4: Obey these laws and money will come to you
  • Chapter 5: Gifts galore for the grateful
  • Chapter 6: Think big to accelerate success
  • Chapter 7: Manifesting through clarity – knowing what you want
  • Chapter 8: Lights, Camera, Action
  • Chapter 9: Turbo-charging your millionaire momentum
  • Chapter 10: The belief leap to millionaire manifesting
  • Chapter 11: Millionaire laser focus

My Thoughts

Manifestation Millionaire is a 78-page long e-book. In this age and time, I wonder who will have the time to read 78-page long e-book on how to get the mindset to become a millionaire – definitely not me (sorry!). It would have been better if the program is a video or at least a podcast.

Going through the program (I couldn’t finish it by the way), I discovered it made some very good points. The program promised to make you rich within a very short period of time. However, I couldn’t see myself becoming the next Bill Gates with what I read so far in the book. However, you may get a different result. It all depends on how you apply it. If you are committed to put in the work and understand what actions you need to take, then you may be able to become rich.

I couldn’t find any special techniques or new revelations to make you wealthy from this ebook. You can find some of the lessons in this book for free on the internet. Finally, just like I pointed above, Manifestation Millionaire does not teach how to start any business or even run any business. Instead, it claims you can get rich by having the right mindset from techniques in the book which I don’t find to be special anyway. Moreover, I can’t imagine reading books on how to become rich instead of spending my time working on my business in order to build it up to the level where I can compete with other top businessmen.

Is Manifestation Millionaire a Scam?

Uhmmm… Manifestation Millionaire does not qualify to be called a scam. However, the program is really hyped up and overpriced. You don’t need to pay anyone $37 just to get the right mindset; you can find a lot of free information on this topic online, especially on YouTube. I won’t recommend Manifestation Millionaire to anyone!

If you are really looking for a good mindset to become a millionaire, you can go for the service of a life coach or pay a business consultant who will not only give you the right mindset but also help you discover profitable businesses that will be suitable for you.

Final Thought

You definitely need the right mindset if you want to make money and become wealthy. However, you don’t need to pay anyone for that. If you really want to pay someone, it should be a life coach or a business consultant. However, I strongly believe that you can spend your time more productively by building a business instead of just reading on how to become rich. If you would like to take a look at the program that I used to build my online business you can check it out here.

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