September 9, 2017

ICoinPro Review – Legit or Scam?



Icoin Pro Review

Recently icon pro has been promoted almost everywhere, and it got me thinking whether it is a worthy investment. I definitely had to take a deeper look and see if it was worth investing in.

What I gathered at first, was the fact that it involved crypto currency and based in Texas. Basically, crypto currency is a money in digital form and is designed to be secure and anonymous.

Bitcoin has been making headlines recently, and almost everyone is talking about it. It is even believed that it would be worth so much by the start of 2030.

Icoin Pro is actually an innovation of founder Paul De Sousa who is also the CEO.

It is actually the first cryptocurrency marketing company that has actual corporate structure.

At Icoin Pro you easily make money by referring people and from the growth of these types of currency.

You get crypto currency education and a lot of training at Icoin Pro.

Read my Icoin Pro review and understand whether it is a scam or not?

Is Icoin pro a scam?

The first real thing I actually noticed is that well-known marketers are promoting it as a good source of making an income.

These people don’t just associate themselves with just anything, they need to make sure it is authentic. Online markets always keep their authenticity

Actually, take your time and do a little bit of self-research before picking a company

With Bitcoins making headlines and actually becoming a trend, there are so many companies trying to get into the Bitcoin industry and make a little money from it.

Icoin Pro is really profitable because of the attached income opportunity and also great for investing. Icoin Pro is not a scam.

What is Icoin Pro compensation plan?

If you are an affiliate, you will earn income based on your sales.

The membership fee is $39.95 to retail and affiliate customers, you get a commission from that fee.

However, you must at least generate one monthly subscription to qualify for commissions. In order to be an affiliate, you pay a joining fee of $40 and you can self-qualify for commissions by purchasing a monthly $39.95 Icoin Pro membership.
Icoin Pro has ranks within its compensation plan and the more ranked you are, the more you actually earn.


You are not actually guaranteed that Bitcoin price will still rise in the future. Investing in it is a little bit risky, however, it is very promising and a good investment opportunity at the moment.

If you are a risk taker, you should invest in it, but if you’re not ready to risk your money, do not try it. There are so many other better options when compared to Icoin Pro, you should, however, give it a chance.

It has great bonus packages and their training is actually one of the best. I recommend you go to their official site and really take a good look at it.

If you feel you can actually make a fortune with them, then you should definitely invest. Really hope you enjoyed the review and that you got the information you required.

Great Alternative

If you would rather start an online business instead of investing I invite you to check out My Top Recommendation.

They have some great training for newbies, you can actually try them for free with no credit card!

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