September 30, 2017

Push Button System Review: a Scam?


Push Button System scam

Push Button System Review

What if I told you, that with one push of a button, you could make thousands of dollars and that’s it? You’d scratch your head, and say, “no way” right?

Okay… let me go a little further…

What if I kept telling you that you could make money by pushing this Houdini of a button, that magically spits thousands of dollars into your account without any substantiated claims? You’d probably say, “scram, get lost, ya’ money panhandler.”

What Is Push Button System?


That’s more like it. You see, that’s what the Push Button System is. It’s an actor, a very poor one at that, who claims that for many years a team of programmers with over 150 years of programming experience have simplified affiliate marketing (I’m guessing, because he really never explains what it is) into the push of one button.

How Does It Work?

Without being cute or clever, it doesn’t. It’s either a mockery or a silly joke, that a man and a few others created to get a bunch of traffic to their site. That, or actually get people involved in some type of marketing plan that is far from what the infomercial advertised.

The problem with the video, and the site, is that information is limited. You have no way in researching how it works, and why it works. You really don’t. It may be one of the easiest scams to point out in history.

How it works in this particular infomercials is, the actor known as Jay, gives you a heart-melting story about losing his job, about people doubting his “one button” claims, and that he has proved them wrong time and time again. The goal of the video, is to make it sound so outlandish that maybe it may be true. But it’s not.

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Scam Signs

Push Button system scam

Other than what you’ve read, here are a few scam signs from the Push Button System.

 1) The acting:

It’s just too obvious, he’s arrogant for one thing, but that’s usually a sign of clear rip off. The video takes place in the beginning with “Jay” at a mansion riding some fancy car. Then he meets some Hoffer guy, who’s another terrible actor, and the rest is history. Sorry, there’ll be no Oscar nomination from this video.

2) The disclaimer:


The disclaimer says it best at the bottom of the site: “The video above is a sensationalistic view of “potential” earning.”

3) The Wild Claims:

So Jay was able to buy the movie theatre he was working in a week after pushing a button, and another customer claims their poor old grandma pushed the button too. Now, she’s running the nursing home she was living in. Riiiight, because she wouldn’t just get a better home.

Why It’s A Scam

Is Push Button System A Scam? That’s the most common question, if you google it. YES. And why? Just watch five minutes of the video, and you’ll ask this question: “hmm, I wonder it’s just a joke.”

It’s not, and the Push Button System actually requires a purchase and your personal information. Buyer beware: If you dare to go that far with it, then feel free. This review didn’t.

The claims are too sensational, and the acting was just god-awful.

Can You Make Money With It?

You have a better chance of making money finding a babysitting gig with this listing: Looking for a babysitting gig. Good with kids, a convicted killer.”

Steer clear, you’ve been warned. They may say you get 60 days money back, but let’s just assume that it’d be a big hassle getting your money back. That is, if they don’t skip the country before the 60 days.

Final Opinion

Look, most infomercials are scams and fake. The acting is obvious and cheesy. This one isn’t any exception. It’s dreadful to watch. The quality of the video skipped, so you know that they can’t afford better quality definition. The actor portrayed way too much arrogance, and it was obviously a stretch of character.

While “Jay” tried making comparisons to the microwave, war, Hank Aaron, and oddly the bullet, as to say, see one push, one swing, one touch can actually work, it doesn’t. It’s a play on words, and a symphony of you know what. This Push Button System Review will save you the time, money, and embarrassment of ever having to experience the scam that it is.

So How Can I Make Money Legitimately Online?

If you want to make a dime online Push Button System is absolutely not the answer

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