Borderless Income System SCAM [Full Review]

borderless income system scam

borderless income system scam

With so many internet affiliate programs out there, it’s a tricky task to differentiate the legit products from the scam offers.

A while back, I took notice of a new application known as Borderless Income System that was gaining a ton of popularity around the affiliate industry.

Well, today you will get to read my honest review and opinion on the product. But before I do that, here’s a bit of information on the invention.

What is Borderless income system?

Borderless Income System or BIS is a creation of one guy from Singapore known as Ewen Chia.

The top-level individual has an excellent reputation in the industry for several years, and it is a bit of surprise he is behind the product.

If you are a bit of an affiliate marketer, you can recognize Chia from his past exploits in the market.

How does it work?

For a mere $49, the program claims to turn you into a top-notch affiliate to earn substantial commissions of up to $20000 on a single lead.

But this is only the start of things, and along the way, you will need thicker pockets to reach the top levels of the food chain to earn more.

Nevertheless, the real truth about Chia’s new products is that they’re the old My Online Business Empire or
MOBE in short.

The 21-step training program claims to set you up to become a leading affiliate marketer.

Is it a scam?

While the program is not an outright scam, the need to keep investing does seem a somewhat suspicious move.

And the sales guy, Ewen Chia, would entice most affiliate marketers.

However, the debate is that the program already exists and Mr. Chia is only selling a new version of it.

The highly controversial MOBE may seem cheap at first but remember the short-cut ends up being the extended cut.

While you may be willing to pay the small amount at first, the hierarchy structure requires more investment to earn more. Furthermore, you have to own their products before selling them back online.

The scam signs

The presence of a well-known Ewen Chia may overwrite any scam signs to any affiliate marketer.

Nevertheless, there still do exist.

Borderless income is a re-branding of MOBE, and there are hundreds of similar programs which have to end up cashing out with people’s money. And only time would tell if Chia would pack up and leave.

Can you make money?

Yes. MOBE has been around for a couple of years, but the downside is the need to invest.

It may seem like chump change at first, but later you will need to spend close to 5- figures to make it to the promised income.


The potential to make thousands in a day might be enticing, but also remember the amount you are investing. So, if you have enough to fork out, you can start the program.

However, I wouldn’t recommend the product since there are other cheaper and easier ways to make money online.

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