Is 30-Minute Money Method a Scam – Read Before You Act!

30 Minute Money Method Review    

Name: 30 Minute Money Method


Owner: Shelly West?

Price: $37

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

Recommended: No

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Okay Lets Move On With This 30 Minute Money Method Review

Do you think it is possible to make $500 within 30 minutes or $50,000 in a month or $600,000 a year as a complete newbie? Well, that is a claim this program “30 Minute Money Method” is making and we are going to know if this is true or not in this 30-minute money method review.

I have been in affiliate marketing for many years now and the truth is that it is hard to find a program that can consistently give you $500 with just 30 minutes of work. I’m not saying people don’t make this crazy amount of money. Of course, it is possible even with the lesser amount of work. However, people that make such amount already have a structure and have put in a lot of work over the months or even years to be making such. Well, I won’t like to conclude yet until the end of this review.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what “30 Minute Money Method is and how it works”

What is 30 Minute Money Method?

30 Minute Money Method is a training course that claims you can make as much as $500 with just 30 minutes of work per day using a popular trading system. According to this author (Shelly West) all you need to start making this insane amount of money is just your computer and internet connection. If you don’t have a computer, that’s fine, you can be raking in such amount daily with just a tablet or smartphone…. really?

To be honest with you, I was shocked at this claim. Shelly West who created this program told anyone who cared to listen that he can make as much as $500 every 30 minutes, $50,000 every month or $600,000 every year with this program. This bold claim got me worried. I have seen some programs in the past that are pure scams and they made similar bold promises.

Well, I may be wrong. To find out if these claims are true or not, I will take a look at how this program works to find out if there is any truth in these claims.

How Does 30 Minute Money Method Works?

The author of this program claimed that anyone can implement the program even if you are just getting started. In fact, she suggested that the program was created for those who are just getting started online. Well, to the best of my knowledge, most scam training courses are usually targeted at the newbies with little or no knowledge how making money on the internet works.

What really worried me is that not much was said about how the program works. The author claimed that you just need to be implementing the methods suggested on the program every day and you can make $500 for every 30 minutes you worked on the program. Here is the thing: there is no explanation regarding the types of website you will get when you buy the program. She did not make mention of the source of the money or the product you will get. All these just look too familiar to some of the scam training courses I have encountered since I started my journey as an affiliate marketer.

But there is a silver lining though, or so to speak; when you purchase this program, you will get a package which consists of 6 PDF files that will teach you how to make money with methods such as:

  • Stock Photos
  • Voice Over Work
  • Playing Games Online
  • Freelance Work
  • Being the Middleman
  • Managing Social Media

All these methods are known to be legit and you can use them to make money. However, not to the tune of 50 grand per month at least not when you are still getting started. Moreover, there is nothing to show that she actually has students that made use of these methods and it worked for them.

That’s not all… She went ahead to play on the gullible ones with:

  • Fake Video Testimonials
  • Fake Comment Section

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the video testimonials on the sales page of this training course were professionally made by Fiverr sellers. You can even find these sellers by clicking here.

Every single person that gave testimonial here is a Fiverr seller. This simply suggests they were paid to say so and don’t even know what the course is all about and never even use it.

The comment section is fake as well. Most sales page don’t have comment section but this one does just to lure visitors to believe that real people actually succeeded with the program. When you try to submit a comment of your own, you will be whisked off to the order page to pay $37.

Is 30 Minute Method Actually a Scam?

Unfortunately, I have to conclude that this training course may not work for you. The reason why I’m not calling it a scam yet is that you will get all the materials promised when you make your purchase but there is no guarantee it will ever work for you or you can make anything close to $500 even in a month using only the methods thought in the course. Everything about this course shows that it wasn’t designed to work. Instead, the owner just wanted to make quick money from gullible newbies.

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It may even shock you to learn that Shelly West does not exist. I tried as much as possible but couldn’t find any information in regard to Shelly West. Forget about the sad story she told in the video, all these are just too familiar with most training programs that are pure scam. I would avoid this course if I were you.

Final Words

Like I mentioned above, this is a training program you may want to avoid. I don’t think anyone is using the methods in this program to earn anything online. Even if they do, it is just down to luck. I wouldn’t, in all honesty, recommend this product to anyone.

If you are tired of scam and wants something that works, then I would recommend that you learn how affiliate marketing is done properly. I have the right product that will teach you from the scratch and help you become successful if you are willing to put in some work. This is a program that most gurus used as a newbie and today most of them are earning comfortably from home.

If you are interested, I would recommend you check it out here. I want you to succeed, so if you have any problem with this program, just contact me or drop your question in the comment box.

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