Is Automated Daily Income a Scam? My 2 Cents

Automated Daily Income Review                                    

Name: Automated Daily Income


Owner: Raena Lynn

Price: $49, With big upsells

Free Trial: No

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10. I have reviewed a lot of programs over several years of being an online marketer and only a small handful have I rated this low on a scale of 1 to 10. Automated Daily Income (ADI) is used as a bridge to try to bring you along into another program that I do not endorse.

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What is Automated Daily Income?

So what you need to know before we go any farther along in this Automated Daily Income review is what the actual purpose of ADI is for and how it is used to get you into a multi-level marketing company called MOBE. This is a 21 step training program that teaches you how to make money on the internet by becoming an affiliate of MOBE and then being able to earn commissions from promoting it.

The price to get started on this training is $49 and as you get farther along the more you have to pay to gain access to more levels. These costs get up into the thousands of dollars real quick. This is where ADI bridges you into MOBE. When you pay the $49 you are becoming a starter member with MOBE. Then comes all of the upsells.

These tactics always throw up a big red flag for me as I have seen them way too many times over my several years in this online space.

Is Automated Daily Income a Scam?

One of the first red flags to me is the logo they use to make you think they have been on Fox News, Cnn, and other news networks.


The next red flag that caught my attention right away is the claim they make that you could change your life and be making money in 5 minutes.


Then when I see that they are claiming that they only have limited spots left and that you need to hurry up and apply? lol. This really gets my guard up in a hurry. They don,t have limited spots left. Who are they trying to kid? When you see these tactics you should be very cautious before even thinking about joining a program where they have to sink to this level.


These are all big red flags to me and I make sure to do my own research before joining any program or system that uses these tactics to promote their products. I am not going to get out way over my skies and go as far as calling this program a scam but I most definitely am not recommending it.

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My Final Thoughts

Automated Daily Income is used as a bridge page and its only purpose is to get you into the MLM called MOBE. I am not a big fan of multi-level marketing companies to start with and MOBE does not have a very good reputation. In my opinion there are so many other programs out there that will cost you a lot less money,better training,good track record, and you can get started for free.

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