April 2, 2018

Is Secure Job Position a Scam Or not ?

Secure Job Position Review                                   

Overall Rating : 2 out of 10

Owner : Kelly Simmons

Price : $97

Recommended? : No

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What is Secure Job Position

This is another misleading program by Kelly Simmons. Some say she does not even exist and is a fake person but I have not been able to verify this. What happens after you join Secure Job Position is that you are redirected to a site owned by Rory Ricord. Secure Job Position is only a name and is just a bridge into Rory’s program. This kind of marketing is a big red flag and gets my guard up right away.

Kelly Simmons name fake or not has been the face of many of these types of scammy programs all of which get very bad reviews and negative feedback all over the internet.

Once landing on the website you will see you can join at the $97 price but that will follow with downsells with the opportunity to get a discount. Then once joining you will start getting the upsells which are total crap. You get offered a search engine submitter on one upsell and an eBook from another upsell. Both of these upsells are a total ripoff.

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Does Secure Job Position Work? Can you make Money?

So here is what they claim you get and how you make money. They show you how to make money by joining many different programs online which give you links that you post on other platforms. So when people happen to visit these platforms and click on one of your links and actually joins and pays then you get a small commission. Sounds easy right? The problem is there is not going to be enough profit from these small commissions to be able to pay the monthly fee and your time. Time is money and in my opinion this opportunity is a big waste of time.

Conclusion: Not worthy of your time

After purchasing this program and giving it a great deal of time and effort I can not recommend this program in good conscience. I have reviewed many other opportunities that I feel offer a lot more and have a much better opportunity of creating a decent income online. I did ask for a refund of my initial cost and it was returned to me after just a couple of days. My advice would be to stay away from this program and do a lot of research before joining any of these type of programs.

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