May 27, 2018

Is ClixSense Legit & Worth Your Time? My No BS ClixSense Review!!

It’s pretty hard to find a good, reliable way to earn money online, but with the right approach, you will be able to achieve all of that in time. The one thing we do know is that ClixSense CLAIMS to offer are a very good platform where you can earn SOME amount of money online whenever you want. So Let’s get into it and see if ClixSense is legit or not.

What is ClixSense about?

At its core, ClixSense is a “get paid to” website where you need to complete various tasks to earn money. Normally, the website is focused on sharing tasks, offers, and surveys that you must complete in order to earn. The entire process is simple and easy to use, and it does provide you with roughly all the features you need into one comprehensive package.

They have been around since 2007, so the website is pretty old and legit. So if you’re one of the people wondering “is ClixSense legit?”, The answer is yes. This website is a relevant option for those wanting to earn a little extra money online. You might also be interested in the only “get paid to” website that I recommend. You can check it out here if you like.

How can you earn money on ClixSense?

As we mentioned above, they offer multiple ways to make money. During my ClixSense review, I noticed that there are multiple methods you can opt for. These include taking surveys, completing tasks, offers, accessing the daily bonus and also referring other people to the platform.

Surveys are offered for just about the entire world, but they do restrict you to the Tier 1 countries if you want to get the best return on investment. You can still find surveys if your country is not in the Tier 1 range. But the problem here is that the overall amount you get paid is a lot lower, so there’s that. But still, surveys are good because they don’t require a lot of time to complete so the return on your time invested can be worth it.

Their survey system is pretty easy to understand, and I had no problem with it during the ClixSense review process. You do have to adjust things a little but overall the experience is pretty good.

When it comes to completing tasks, things are easy too. You have a list of job titles, the level, required number of tasks, rating and pay per task. Normally each task is very easy to do, and many of them can be repeated. It’s a good idea to earn a bit of money, and this can add up to a decent amount in the long run, so there’s that. But you have to pay a lot of attention to the tasks you need to complete, just to be certain that you do everything correctly.

Tasks have different modes. You have the test mode where you need to be quite accurate. And then you also have the work mode, where you can make money for the tasks that you complete. The focus is still on accuracy here, so the more accurate you are, the better things will be for you. Do keep in mind that some tasks can be very difficult, so don’t be surprised if you run into one of these from time to time.

What about offers? The offers in ClixSense usually get split between surveys, shopping, sign-ups and free stuff you can access. Companies pay them if you complete those tasks, and you do get most of the money from the entire process, which is a very interesting approach and a good thing for a lot of people.

The daily checklist and the affiliate program complete the list of ways you can make money with ClixSense. And honestly, they did a decent job with this. It’s distinct, easy to use and at the same time very convenient. You do have control over how much you earn here, as each affiliate link that people press will bring you a commission. And the daily checklist is pretty diverse; you do have lots of stuff to choose from to complete to earn points. Overall it’s quite interesting, unique and distinct, exactly what you may be looking for.

Other things to consider

ClixSense released their own notification extension for browsers. This is a great tool I found during this ClixSense review. The reason is simple, it will notify you when there are new tasks and surveys, and that’s always a good and fun tool to have in there. You do need to complete those as quickly as you can because some are limited to a certain number of payouts per day.

ClixSense doesn’t have a mobile app, which is unfortunate. I think a lot of users would prefer to have a mobile app instead of an extension in a browser, but it is what it is.


Based on all I was able to find out, the payments are pretty fast. Normally you get your money in a day or two. You can withdraw your money once you have $10 in your account. Do keep in mind that based on what option you choose, you may have to pay a fee. It’s important to note that you can opt for a check withdrawal, which is pretty impressive to have here.


My ClixSense review shows that this platform is at least worth giving it a try. You won’t get rich from it. But it’s perfect if you want a little side income. It can do a lot of people some good in that regard, and it’s also bringing in new tasks for users all the time.
So, is ClixSense legit? I would say Yes, it is. Once you learn what ClixSense is all about and figure out the kinds of offers that work best for you things will only get better.

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