Is Computer Technical Guys Really a Money-making Opportunity or a Scam?

Computer Technical Guys Review                                                                         

Name: Computer Technical Guys

Creator: Linda Taylor

Price: $97

Type of Business: Link Posting

Recommended: No!

Overall rating: 1 out of 10

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As people are rushing to explore the diverse online money-making opportunities that are out there, most of them don’t take time to evaluate what these opportunities entail.

They end up losing their hard-earned cash to conmen. Others end up revealing their personal details such as credit card information to the conmen.

For the past few months, one can note that there are increasing speculations regarding a “money-making opportunity” known as Computer Technical Guys. People find themselves caught up in an infinite loop as they try to figure out whether this opportunity lives up to its name.

Here’s How Computer Technical Guys Works

To understand how it works, we will have to use Program X as a code name for the program that supports Computer Technical Guys. At first, the curators of CTG promote it using the name Program X.

Once sold to several people, claims regarding its authenticity are on the rise. The buyers warn others against buying it and request for refunds. The curators set the name, Program A, to attract new buyers. Once the same thing happens, they change the name to Program B and this game-changing activity becomes a cycle.

Computer Technical Guys previously existed under the name Computer Geeks. People should be wary of the fact that this is not a new program. They shouldn’t let the name-change make them fall prey to scammers. Programs that are available for purchase using techniques, such as this one, are fake. If you take a closer look at CTG’s website, you will notice that there is something odd about its structure. Genuine software vendors don’t use such ploys to attract customers.

Computer Technical Guys is a Scam

Vendors who sell genuine software programs are usually transparent about their company information and product portfolio. The CTG vendors fail to observe this measure.

It is, therefore, safe to say that they have something to hide. The sad thing is that programs such as CTG are on the rise. It is also difficult for a consumer to get the best out of their money whenever they try to purchase them.

Can You Make Money Off Computer Technical Guys?

Computer Technical Guys falsely promise to provide people with ways on how to make money online for a fee. Those who fall prey to this scam end up paying the money and regret for failing to receive what CTG promised them.

It is high time for people to join forces in exposing the CTG scammers for the wrongs they are doing.
Final ThoughtsIt goes without saying that those behind Computer Technical Guys are scammers.

It is also clear to see that these scammers are gearing up for another name-change in a few weeks time. These scammers are proud to extort money from innocent consumers for selfish purposes.

I would highly advise that you do not invest any of your time or financial resources in this scam. There are many other legit opportunities out there for you to make money online.

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