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Instant income method review

Instant Income Method scam? Maybe this one will be different or maybe not. I have reviewed hundreds of courses online and I’m already getting tired of so many fly-by-night programs and scams that exist online today.

With all the scams that exist online today, it is always important that you check out any program before you join. I’m glad you are here reading my honest and unbiased review of Instant Income Method, you made a great choice.say no to scams

You may have seen the video of Mack Mill’s Instant Income Method. I have to confess, that video is pretty exciting and can convince anyone that is looking to make money online. However, the key to succeeding online is ensuring you check any program before you join.

I watched Mack claims of making millions of dollars over the past 20 years in direct sales and network marketing. Mack is a known internet marketer. I have never had a direct dealing with him but some internet marketers I know have worked with him before.

This gave me hope that he may be genuine and his course “Instant Income Method” may be genuine after all. I’m going to give this review of Instant Income Method a fair chance, I’m not going to make any assumptions or get biased because Mack is a popular internet marketer.

Keep on reading to find out if Instant Income Method is a scam or legit course.

  • Name: Instant Income Method
  • Owner: Mack Mills
  • Website:
  • Type: MLM
  • Price: $97 + $20 +$35/month
  • Recommended: NO

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What is Instant Income Method?

Like I mentioned above, this course was created by Mack Mills. He claims that his course can help you repair your credit while you also make a lot of money at the same time. He also claims that he is a millionaire and he will teach anyone who buys his course the same exact method he is using to make his money from home.

Like I said above, the video on his sales page was pretty exciting. He started by showing a lot of cash (a method that is popular with so many scam programs I have reviewed before). He then drove to a car shop in his BMW and bought Ferrari in cash. According to him, he makes a lot of money from the business model he is about to introduce you to and he usually pays for everything in cash.

Right now, I know that you will be wondering if this is an incredible opportunity or a scam that you need to avoid at all cost. To find out exactly if the Instant Income Method is a scam or legit, we need to look at how the program works. Keep on reading to find out how Instant Cash Method works.

How Does Instant Income Method Work?

Mack is selling his course as a program that will help you make thousands of dollars. In the video, he claimed that he was broke and has a terrible credit score. Fortunately, he was able to find a credit repairer who helped him repair his credit. He claimed that the credit restoration specialist assisted him in getting negative remarks removed from his credit report.

After his credit score was repaired, he discovered something that made him a millionaire. He claims he will show how you can start earning like him when you join his program. One thing is for sure, his story is not different from lots of other stories that are associated with scam programs. Hopefully, this one will be different.

He makes Instant Income Method seems like a system or a product. Unfortunately, it is not. You may have an idea of what he is driving at from his sob story. Instant Income Method is not a system or a product; instead, he is just introducing you to an MLM credit repair company which is known as My Econ.

Actually, Mack joined My Econ as an affiliate. Now, what he does is to get people to join the same program as an affiliate through him and promote the program. When you join, he earns a commission. The only difference is that when you join the program through him, you will get access to his sales funnels which you can use in promoting the program as an affiliate.

Like I mentioned above, Mack seems to be a well-known internet marketer and has created several funnels in the past such as EZ Money Team which experienced some level of success. He is promising to give you access to his sales funnel when you join this program. The truth is that creating good sales funnel takes time and experience. If you are really interested in promoting an MLM program, you can leverage his sales funnel.

The only problem is that there will be too many people promoting the same program with the same sales funnel. In my own experience, this doesn’t always work out well. When many people are making use of the same sales funnel, the funnel will become saturated and will not yield an optimal result.

So what he actually does is to get you to join My Econ through his affiliate link. When you join, he will earn commissions. In return, you will get access to a done-for-you model that you can use to promote the same program. Note that everyone that joins My Econ through Mack’s Instant Income Method will get access to the same sales funnel.

Ugly Truth About Instant Income Method

1. Mack Is Just an Affiliate
When it comes to Instant Income Method, what you have to know is that Mack Mills is just an affiliate and the program he is referring you to is not his own. This is like me reselling a Samsung TV for you. I cannot offer you support if something goes wrong. Before you think of investing in this program, it is important that you think about the implication of this.

2. You Have to Be Good in Network Marketing
Unless you are really good at networking marketing, it will be hard to make money with this program. Let’s face it, 99% of people who have tried network marketing in the past failed. If you cannot recruit people, then this program is not for you.

3. Over-Hyped
In the sales video, you probably see this guy Mack Mills throwing cash around. This is just an aggressive tactic to lure the greedy ones into the program. This program is way over-hyped. Even if it is real, you will be very lucky to recover your initial investment. Trust me, you are not going to buy Ferrari anything soon with Instant Income Method by Mack Mills.

4. You Are Not Building Your Own Business
When you choose to join a referral program, you are not building your own business. Instead, you are helping someone else to build his business. Instead of wasting such time, you can put those efforts into building your own affiliate marketing business so you can earn even while you are sleeping or away on a vacation.

Is Instant Income Method a Scam?

I have seen several programs like Instant Income Method before. In fact, most internet marketers nowadays will create a program just to refer you to another program. While this may not be wrong, it is not the best way to sell a program. Having said that, I will not call Instant Income Method a scam. However, I will stay away from it. I won’t recommend the Instant Income Method to instant income method legit or scam

You can be able to make money with Instant Income Method if you know how to promote MLM. If you join My Econ, you will be promoting a credit repair service. Mack has created a sales funnel you will use to promote this program. However, you will still need to spend money on traffic. Technically, Mack’s Instant Income System is legit but you could still stand to lose a lot of money if you don’t manage to make any sales.

Are There Alternatives?

Like I mentioned above, I won’t recommend this MLM program. This is because you cannot earn from such business model if you don’t have hard-working affiliates. Instead of promoting MLM, you would be better off to build your own business from scratch and grow it into a six-figure business.

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Thank’s for visiting my Instant Income Method review. If you have any questions or concerns please leave them in the comments section below.

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