NO BS, No Biased Automated Income Systems Review

If I tell you that you can make at least $1,300/per day just by getting people to call a particular phone number, would you believe me? I guess not! Yet, this new system known as “Automated Income System” is making a bold claim that anyone can make over $1,300/per day just by using what they described as “Stupidly Simply System” that allows you to make money by getting people to call a particular phone number.

No doubt, Automated Income Systems has been getting a lot of attention in the recent weeks. You must have heard of it but you are skeptical about it and that's why you are here to find out the truth about this new program.

You made the right decision to read this review before you join. In recent years, a lot of programs that are online are pure scams or a waste of time. Despite how these programs are packaged, they always have something in common like making use of certain words such as:

  • Easy
  • Simple
  • No experience required
  • High commission per day

Does any of these words above sound familiar to you? Oh yes! You can easily see that Automated Income Systems made use of these terms. Therefore, we are going to find out in this review if this program is really what it claims or just another way to steal your hard-earned money. Keep on reading to find out more.

  • Name: Automated Income Systems Review
  • Author: John Valley
  • Website: https://internetbreakout.com
  • Type: Networking
  • Price: $0 – $1497

What is Automated Income Systems?

Automated Income Systems is a system that claims you can make $1,300/per day from home just by getting people to call a particular number. However, in reality, the website is just a multi-level-marketing system where you are required to recruit others into the system before you can make money.

Automated Income Systems was created by a man known as John Valley. At least, that's the name that came up when I ran a search for the person that registered the domain. The real people behind this program remains faceless. The website was created on April 26, 2017, with the bold claim that you will get “Stupid Simple Done-For-You Systems” that will help you make a lot of money.

With all these claims, it doesn't take a genius to start thinking twice about joining Automated Income Systems. From the name of the program to its structure, you will get a feeling that something is odd. Thus, in the remaining part of this article, you will learn of how this program works. What you will learn about this program will shock you.

How Does Automated Income Systems Work?

Despite its claims of being able to make $1,300/per day just by getting people to call a phone number, Automated Income Systems is simply a networking website. You read that right! You simply earn money by getting others to pay into the system, the more people you recruit into the system, the more money you will make.

But before you can start recruiting, you will need to sign up first. Of course, you are expected to pay a membership fee to sign up. This money is shared between the person that recruited you and the people behind the program. You can choose any of the following plans:

  • Starter membership costs $97
  • Silver membership costs $297
  • Gold membership costs $597
  • Platinum membership costs $997
  • Diamond membership costs $1497

After paying a membership fee, you can now recruit others into the system to recover your earnings. Note that you can join the system for free without paying a membership fee. However, when you eventually recruit someone who pays a membership fee, you will only get $25 per recruit. Thus, this entire system is built on your ability to recruit people into the system. If you haven't recruited people into an MLM program in the past or have some experience in online marketing, it is likely that joining such a program like Automated Income System will be an error in judgment.

What Is Wrong With Automated Income System?

  • No Product
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Too Much Hype/Lies
  • Past Failures

Like you can see, Automated Income Systems has no single product they sell. So, what you are doing is recruiting people to join you so you can recover your money. It is a purely multi-level-marketing system. They will encourage you to pay the high price only so that they buy into the dream of getting rich quick.

Businesses without a product only last for a couple of weeks before it will come crashing like a house of cards. Unless you are among the very first people to join the system, the odds that you are going to lose your investment is very high. Joining such a system will be a huge risk for anyone.

This business model is based on your ability to recruit and the ability of the people you recruited into the system to recruit affiliates of their own. If any of these is lacking, you will find it difficult to make money with this model. Membership program like Automated Income Systems is hard to sell and convince people to invest in.

You are made to believe that you will join a system that helps you make $1,300 just by getting people to call a particular number. Unfortunately, as I explained above, this is not how the program works.

Moreover, they claimed you can make money with Automated Income Systems even when you don't have any experience before. Your odds of getting someone to pay $1497 is extremely slim if you don't have “badass” experience in online marketing.

Easy. Simply. No Experience – these are words used every day to deceive people to join a dubious program. Automated Income Systems made use of these words as well. Don't expect to make anywhere near the amount they claimed on their sales page. No matter how much you invest, how hard you work, you’ll still not earn a very profitable income with this company.

The people behind Automated Income Systems are known to have opened and closed other MLM sites in the past. What they do is they open an MLM website, hype it, and get people to invest. Once the system crash, they will re brand it under a new name. There is no transparency and no honesty. You will be taking a very big risk if you decide to invest in this program.

Is Automated Income Systems A Scam?

Most people will be reluctant to call “Automated Income Systems” a scam. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to give it such a luxury. The guys behind this program are using a business model which FTC considered illegal. Moreover, any system trying to pass off useless pyramid scheme as an actual product without being honest about it is a scam.

This system creates no value for anyone. When you join Automated Income System, what you are actually doing is passing money around with other members in the program while waiting for when it will actually crash.

The people behind this program knew for sure that no one will join their useless system if they know it is a pyramid scheme. Thus, they masked it with hypes which will make gullible people believe that they can actually earn $1,300 per day just by getting people to call a particular phone number. There is no single doubt in my mind that Automated Income Systems is a scam and you should stay away from it.

Is There Any Alternative?

It is really tiresome searching for a legit program online nowadays that won't waste your time. Seriously, I pity people that are just starting to try to make money online. Back in the day when I started, these scams that exist online are lesser than what we have today.

Fortunately, you can still see some good programs that will help you realize your dream of making money online. One of such programs is Wealthy Affiliate. This program is so popular that almost every person who is making over $10,000/per month from home recommends it. When it comes to Wealthy Affiliate, there is no hype, no big promises, no deceit– You will learn exactly how you can build a profitable business from home just by working 2-3 hours per day.

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  1. When I read the words Automated Income, it already sends warning lights through my head. I have learn’t there is no such thing as earning money automatically without first putting in a lot of work.

    In this case you would have to be an expert sales person in order to get people under you, and let’s face it, most people, including myself, are not good at hard selling, or keeping people underneath you motivated to keep going.

    I far prefer other methods of making an online income, and my favorite way is by having my own website and selling products to people using my website as a store front. In this way rather than hard sell to people, you can help them with their problems and recommend things that will work for them.

    At least this is my own business, and nobody can shut it down, like a lot of these types of companies do after few months, leaving their workers to start the cycle all over again somewhere else.

    • Thanks for taking the  time to leave a comment Michel, if you ever need any help please feel free to contact me

  2. Thank you Kirk, I am really impressed by the thoroughness of your honest and balanced reviews.I’m a bit new to all the scams, time-wasters and risks to new websites out there.  There are certainly a lot of distractions and shiny options that get shown my way though and I generally ignore them – anything with a  straight sales page really.  There’s no trust built, but lots of claims and promises?The claim of being able to make $1,300/day just be getting people to call a phone number is a huge red flag to me.  Now you’ve called it – it’s a networking website.  Makes me wonder if it’s an illegal pyramid scheme as no value/product seems to be received in exchange for buying into the system/membership.  As you’ve said, no product so surely that is at risk of being shut down.  I think the promoters should face serious consequences like jail or heavy heavy fines.  Preying on the vulnerable and needy.Thanks for presenting such a thorough review and offering an alternative,  I couldn’t find you link though.

    • Thanks John for leaving me a comment I really appreciate it. Oh, thanks for letting me know about the missing link too

  3. Hi Kirk, I found your review about Automatic Income System very good and informative. In the flood of online business programs it is good to think a little and not just to grab all insanely super ideas. This program really seems as a scam or like some pyramid scheme which we know what they are. Nothing is free and usually when you want to achieve something in life, you need time, work and patience. I think it`s the same at online business. And by the way, I would also recommend Wealthy Affiliate, thanks for sharing with us!

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment Luke. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me

  4. That $1,300 a day sounds way over head. Way, way, way to good for just making people to call a particular number. Right off the bat it sounds like garbage-scam.

    And after that when you really shed some day-light into it… I mean, I am surprised, genuinely surprised with what the people are trying to get away with.

    Essentially you are earning money by scamming other people. There is no product, nothing to gain, nothing to learn. No value. Just money, money, money. Pay us some and we might give you some back if you scam enough people for us. 

    This is absolutely ridiculous.

    Thank you for the insightful review, Kirk! I will definitely be avoiding this one.

    Other than that, cheers, have a Great One!


  5. I haven’t heard of this scheme, but thankfully now that i have read your review, I won’t even have to consider it anymore.

    It is hard enough to earn money online, not to mention there are so many dubious scheme out there trying to get our money instead of helping us. 

    Personally, I find that pyramid scheme without any product is outright unethical. Thank you for spending the time to review the product for us.

  6. Automated Income System is one of the programs that caught my attention recently because I find it so unrealistic to make at least $1300 per day just by getting other people to call a number. Any company or program that promises an income that is too good to be true, well, it probably is. I wonder why people are still buying into these kinds of programs.

    Anyway, I do not really go for MLMs, especially those that do no have any product, to me they’re a scam, flat out! They operate based on a pyramid scheme, which means if you come in late, you might not even earn back your membership fee. And I am not good at recruiting, lol. 

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