Above All Offers Review: Is This Network Really On the Top?

Above all offers review

Above All Offers is a CPA network you should consider if you are looking for a network that pays every week. No doubt, the network has a funny name and even a funnier website. However, it seems like a lot of affiliates have worked with them in the past.

My attention was drawn to Above All Offers when I was searching for an incentive content locking network. Later, I received several messages from my followers to make a review of this network. No doubt, people are becoming more cautious now when it comes to joining a new affiliate network. When you join a network without doing research, you can end up wasting your time or even losing a lot of money. 

You can basically find the honest and unbiased reviews of almost all the top affiliate networks on my blog. This makes it easier to know which affiliate network you should work with and also help you to avoid scam in the process. Today, you will learn everything you need to know about Above All Offers in this honest and unbiased review of the network. Keep on reading to find out more.

  • Name: Above All Offers
  • Type: CPA Network
  • Founded: 2011
  • Location: Oregon, United States

What is Above All Offers?

Above All Offers described themselves as the largest and fastest growing affiliate network in the industry. However, this is yet to be proven. I know for sure that they are affiliate network which was founded in January 2011. According to the network, they offer their services to all clients from all around the world and have the most experienced and dedicated staff of any affiliate network. In simple terms, the network connects affiliates and advertisers.

Above All Offers has its headquarters in Eugene, Oregon, United States. The current CEO of the company is a man named Eli Aloisi. According to the information on the Better Business Bureau website, Above All Offers has about 27 employees and they have A-rating at the time of writing this article.

On their website, Above All Offers claims that they are on the top while other affiliate networks follow. It is easy to make this type of statement. Below, I will uncover the actual truth in the operations of Above All Offers.

How Does Above All Offers Work?

Making money with Above All Offers start by signing up to the network. Unfortunately, the process of signing up here is a bit complicated. The company asks for a lot of information. I believe that some of the information they ask is not necessary. You will be asked to provide your name, email address, tax ID, phone number, physical address, age, and so many other personal data. You will also need to have a website that is in good standing (doesn't promote sex and unethical things) before you can get accepted into their network.

Above All Offers has about 459 offers that you can choose from. However, the network works in a different way from other networks. When it comes to promoting offers from this platform, you will have to place their banner on your website and you only get paid when you generate a lead for them. The platform is also known as an incentive content locking network. They make use of CAKE affiliate tracking software which you can use to lock a free offer until your audience signs up to get the incentive. 

When it comes to commission, Above All Offers has various commission types that include CPA, CPL, and CPS.

Above All Offers payment process is a bit confusing. Admittedly, they have Net-7 payment frequency or weekly payment. However, the people that enjoy this are affiliates on the top. You have to prove yourself first before you can start getting weekly payment. As a new affiliate on this platform, the network will verify all your leads before they pay you. Another complication you will face is that you must submit an invoice once per month in order to get paid. Above All Offers does not provide information regarding how long it takes to process an invoice. The minimum payout is $100 and you can receive your payout through wire transfer, check, or direct bank deposit (ACH).

What I Like About Above All Offers (Pros)

  • Available Worldwide
  • Incentive locking offers
  • Use of CAKE tracking
  • Their staff are available 24/7
  • Net-7 payment frequency for top affiliates
  • Free to join

What I Don't Like About Above All Offers (Cons)

  • Sign up takes time and it is complicated
  • Payout is complicated especially for new affiliates
  • As a new affiliate, you will struggle to compete with the super affiliates on this platform
  • You have to meet a minimum traffic requirement to get paid

Is Above All Offers a Scam?

No! Above All Offers is a legitimate affiliate network. However, as the name suggests, this network is mostly recommended for super-affiliates. If you are new into the affiliate marketing world, you will struggle to make earning here.

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