CrackRevenue Review: Is This Affiliate Network Worth Your Time?

CrackRevenue review

If you run an adult blog or any website that is deemed 18+ and above, it is always a struggle finding a way to monetize such a website or blog. When most people think of monetizing their website, the first thing that comes to their mind is Google AdSense or affiliate marketing. However, experience shows that most affiliate networks are against websites with adult contents. Thus, you will really find it difficult to monetize such a website.

Moreover, most affiliate networks for websites with adult contents really pay low and in some cases, operate differently from the other affiliate networks. It is important that you do your research and also compares various affiliate networks to find out which one is important for you especially when you want to monetize your adult website or promote adult offers.

Perhaps, this is one of the reasons I have received numerous emails since last 2 months to review CrackRevenue – one of the most successful adult affiliate platform. Since I have gotten lots of emails regarding this network, I decided to publish the review today. In this review, you will learn everything you need to know about CrackRevenue and it works. You will also learn whether CrackRevenue is a scam or not. Keep on reading to find out more.

  • Name: CrackRevenue
  • Type: Adult affiliate network
  • Founded: 2010
  • Price: Free

What is CrackRevenue?

Crack Revenue is one of the oldest, trusted, and very efficient CPA network in affiliate marketing industry. As of today, CrackRevenue is one of the most trusted names when it comes to monetizing websites with adult contents. CrackRevenue also boasts of having a good number of professional web marketers on their platform.

CrackRevenue was founded in 2010 in Canada. Today, the company still has its headquarters located in Quebec, Canada. CrackRevenue claimed that their revenue has grown over 2000+% since 2011. Similarly, they made a claim on their website that they have paid over 40 million in commission to their affiliate per year, have over 1000+ products at any time, and have won more than 20+ awards in the industry.

How Does CrackRevenue Works?

When it comes to the world of affiliate marketing, CrackRevenue knows what they are doing. However, they are not just your regular type of affiliate marketing. They specialized in serving only adult-related contents like the stuffs you see on porn websites. Thus, if you are not comfortable with this type of offers, then you should consider other affiliate marketing platforms such as ClickBank, Jvzoo, or Rakuten.

To get started on CrackRevenue, you will need to first sign up on the platform. It is really easy to get started on CrackRevenue. Everything is direct and straightforward. You can get your account approved within just 48 hours if you meet their criteria. After you signed up and approved, CrackRevenue will assign you a personal affiliate manager and you will get access to over 1000+ products you can promote.

When it comes to the actual promotion, CrackRevenue helps its affiliates to succeed by providing them with tons of promotional tools like smart links and other creatives like banners. You will also have an opportunity to receive up to 30% in additional earnings from all of your campaigns by enabling the usage of pop-under and back-offers on all manually generated CR affiliate links. Additionally, CrackRevenue has an affiliate referral program that you would love to give a try. When you join their affiliate program, you will be able to earn 5% of the referral income of the people you referred to the platform for a lifetime.

CrackRevenue maintains a Net 30 bi-monthly payment terms. The first payment cycle starts from the first day of the month to the 15th day and then the second one starts from 16th day of the month to 30th day of the month. You can receive your payment through PayPal, Paxum, First Choice Pay, Wire Transfer or by check.

What I Like About CrackRevenue (Pros)

  • It is really easy to sign up
  • They have lots of offers in the adult niche
  • Lots of creatives and promotional tools to help their affiliates
  • You can receive payment twice per month
  • You can make a lifetime earning just by referring other people to the platform
  • They present a lot of earning opportunities for affiliates

What I Don't Like About CrackRevenue (Cons)

  • It is only for the adult niche
  • You have to meet a minimum payment threshold
  • Some offers don't convert at all

Is CrackRevenue A Scam?

CrackRevenue is a legit website. They have been online for a really long time and they are doing well for themselves. It is really easy to monetize your adult website using this affiliate network and you also receive your earning twice per month if you reach their minimum payout threshold. Nevertheless, CrackRevenue is only for those running adult content websites. This is something that most people won't like to do. I will recommend you check other top affiliate networks. If you are wondering how you can get started making lots of money online with affiliate marketing, then check the paragraph below.

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