October 9, 2019

AOJ Work From Home Jobs: A Scam You Must Avoid

AOJ Work from home review

American Online Job, otherwise AOJ has probably sent you an email or you stumble on their ads or website. I guess that is why you are here to check them out. Guess what? You are not alone! Within the past few months, I have received over 20 emails from my blog readers asking me to take a look at AOJ Work from Home. Truthfully, I was glad they sent me an email to review this website. When I replied to them what I discovered about AOJ, they were shocked. Today, I’m going to make findings on the AOJ public for the first time. This review of AOJ Work From Home will be a real eye-opener for you.

AOJ Work From Home is among hundreds of thousands of other websites that promise you can make thousands of dollars when you join by doing a task that requires little or no skills. In fact, they send this email to everybody hoping to recruit as many people as possible into this scheme. If you are inexperienced when it comes to making money online, you would think that you’ve struck gold when you stumble on this work from home opportunity. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I decided to review AOJ Work From Home after I received several emails from lots of my blog readers. Keep on reading to find out more about how this platform works.

  • Name: American Online Jobs (AOJ) Work From Home
  • Type: Survey
  • Website: americanonlinejobs.com
  • Founder: Unknown
  • Price: Free
  • Rating: 1/5

What is American Online Job (AOJ) Work From Home?

American Online Job, otherwise known as AOJ Work From Home is a website that claims you can make between $25/hr. and $45/hr. working from home with no skills. The site claim anyone can join irrespective of your experience, skills, and qualification. They also claimed that it is completely free to join the website and start making money immediately.

When you go through their homepage, the website claim they can fix you up with jobs you can do on your computer or smartphone from the comfort of your home. They have a couple of questions you need to answer before you join. In recent years, a lot of people have stumbled on this website. However, after spending a couple of days or weeks, they left frustrated. Below, I will explain exactly how American Online Job (AOJ) works so that you won’t waste your time researching anywhere else.

AOJ work from home review

How Does American Online Job (AOJ) Work?

Most people who joined AOJ first saw the advertisement on “CareerBuilder”. This is a website where people go to post real work opportunities. Thus, when you stumble on AOJ, you would think you have received an offer for a real easy job you can do from your home.

To make the offer even more attractive, you are not requested to pay before you can join them. AOJ makes it clear that you can join for free by going to their website. The website is a one-page website with a couple of pre-screening questions that give it the appearance that you are applying for a real job. There is also an annoying video that starts playing immediately you log onto the website. This video is a set of instructions for what you should do. Basically, the video tells you to answer the pre-screening questions, sign up, and then verify your email address. All the above process makes it look like you are joining a real money-making opportunity online.

After joining AOJ, you will be introduced to real tasks. Basically, they want you to join online survey websites. Some of the popular survey websites they will introduce you to include:

  • InboxPounds
  • Onlineflexjob
  • Inboxdollars
  • Toluna
  • MySurvey
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Opinion City
  • Epoll Surveys
  • Pinecone Research

These survey websites are not owned by AOJ. Instead, they are just affiliates. This simply means that when you join the survey website, AOJ gets paid from whatever you make on these websites. They are just referring you to these websites where an average survey pays $0.50 for 20-30 minutes of answering questions.

There is a second part of AOJ which they call members area. It has about 9 short videos of about 3-minutes each. All these videos contain generic information. The videos look very outdated and provide now value. Besides, the goal of these videos is to get you to buy something through their affiliate links so that they keep on milking you dry. Overall, joining AOJ is a big waste of time.

Ugly Truth About AOJ Work From Home

Like I have already mentioned above, I decided to review this website after I received several emails. Unfortunately, what I found out about AOJ isn’t so flattering. Below, you will see some of the red flags and ugly truths about AOJ.

No Owner

Most programs that have no known owner always turn out to be a scam. In the case of AOJ, it is associated with nobody. Even the advertisement they posted on “CareerBuilder” was done with a fake name. I checked out Brenda Rosenberg. It turns out it is either a fake name or this so-called Brenda is not in any way associated with AOJ.

Fake Job Listings

The worst thing about AOJ is how they post fake job ads to lure people in. Most people get to know about them after seeing their offer on job search sites. You can find their fake job listings on CareerBuilder as well as on Craigslist and several other job sites. The jobs they posted on these job search engines are not real. They just want to get your attention so you can join them.

No Value

American Online Jobs has no real value for members. They are just directing you to different survey websites so when you earn from these survey websites, they make money as an affiliate. You won’t get any real value from joining them.

Email Mining

It is also possible that this company is involved in the email mining scam. Before you join, they ask you to submit your real email address and verify it. Like most other similar websites, AOJ later sells these emails to third party websites. Additionally, they can send you offers that you didn’t solicit. I will recommend that you avoid submitting your real email if you want to join them or check them out.

Can You Make Money with American Online Job (AOJ) Work From Home?

Well, you cannot make money with this website. They offer no value and no real information. What they do is to refer anyone who joins their website to other survey websites. If you end up making money with these survey websites, the guys behind AOJ will get paid from your effort. It is these survey websites that pay you and not AOJ. You can easily find these survey websites online without going through AOJ.

They have several videos and eBooks. Unfortunately, the information on these videos and eBooks are outdated and cannot help you to make money these days. You have to find something that works such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Is AOJ Work From Home a Scam?

AOJ Work From Home promises you a real job you can do from home and earn between $25 and $45 an hour. Unfortunately, these jobs do not exist on their platform. Thus, for all intent and purposes, AOJ is a scam.

Shockingly, they are not new. It is an old rehearsed scam. They keep on changing their name and logo every time I bust them. They provide no value and will waste your time. Do not get tempted by their offers, you will not gain anything from this website. I strongly do not recommend AOJ Work From Home.

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