October 15, 2019

Impact Mailing Club Has Hallmark of Scam

Impact Mailing Club review

Impact Mailing Club claims you can become financially free just by mailing out letters…. Sounds awesome, isn't it? This won't be the first time I got an email telling me that I can become a millionaire just by sending emails with no skills.

The good news is that you decided to come here first to read this honest and unbiased review of the Impact Mailing Club before you join their platform. Over the years, I had to deal with a lot of scams and fake websites which promised newbies that they can make a lot of money by practically doing nothing online.

As for Impact Mailing Club, the guys behind the program claimed you could make as much as $200 to $400 per day as a beginner. This sounds totally ridiculous especially when you take into account that you don't need any skills and you are just mailing letters. I have been making money online for about 10 years now. I know before you can make real income online, you need to sell something or at least offer a service that requires a skill. If anyone is telling you otherwise, you should be suspicious.

No doubt, Impact Mailing Club made a lot of promises and claims. You don't have to worry. I'm going to go over these claims one after another in this review. At the end of this Impact Mailing Club review, you will know whether this program is legit or another scam just like the rest of them. Keep on reading to find out more.

  • Name: Impact Mailing Club
  • Type: Cash gifting scheme
  • Founder: Rose Alameda (Could be a fake name)
  • URL: http://impactmailingclub.com/
  • Price: Between $100 and $2000
  • Ratings: 1/5

What Exactly is Impact Mailing Club?

Impact Mailing Club is a program created by a woman called Rose Alameda. The author of the program claims that you can make between $200 and $400 per day just by mailing letters to people you don't know. In reality, Impact Mailing Club is an offline mailbox money program available only in the United States and Canada.

Impact Mailing Club Review

Earlier this year (2019), Impact Mailing Club went viral on social media with so many hypes and claims. At the time of writing this review, they no longer provide information about the program on their website. Instead, they would refer you to their Facebook group where they have managed to get up to 3000 members in their group. Nevertheless, I have an insider in the program. Thus, I will be able to tell you everything you need to know about this program.

How Exactly Does Impact Mailing Club Works?

Impact Mailing Club claims to be a work anyone can do with no skills and no experience and make a lot of money. Just like other programs I have reviewed in the past, the platform actually tried so hard to mask the fact that they are a Ponzi scheme and their target market is you. Of course, this is kept tight secret. You will only find out when you sign up for the program.

When you sign up for the program, which by the way costs between $100 and $2000 sign-up fee, you will be allowed to buy targeted biz opp leads and mailing materials at so-called discounted rates. After buying these materials, you will become a reseller by recruiting others into the program. You only make money when you sell these packages that you bought.

Basically, you need to get your packages, you then mail them directly to the mailbox of people who you think might be interested in joining the program. You then wait and hope that the people do the same and send money to you. Of course, if no one takes action, you are not going to earn any money. Thus, you need to be sure that people who receive your letter are willing to send you their payment.

The conversation rate for this type of stuff is extremely low. Direct mailbox marketing is one of the things I tried when I was getting started online. If you send out 50 packages, you will be extremely lucky to get two people to pay you for them or subscribe to the program through you. The fact is that it is crazy to think that a total stranger is going to send a $1,000 subscription fee back to you just because you randomly mailed them.

  • You can join Impact Mailing Club at the levels below:
  • Emerald Level – 100 Mailing Leads.
  • Ruby Level– 200 Mailing Leads
  • Sapphire Level – 400 Mailing Leads
  • Diamond Level– 1000 Mailing Leads
Impact Mailing club review

The Compensation Plan for Impact Mailing Club include:

  • Emerald Level: $100, you will receive $65 commissions + $20 on 2nd level, $15 admin fee.
  • Ruby Level: $250 ­ You will receive $150 commissions + $50 on 2nd level. $50 admin fee.
  • Sapphire Level: $500 ­ You will receive $300 commissions + $100 on 2nd level. $100 admin fee.
  • Diamond Level: $2000 ­ You will receive $1,000 commissions + $500 on 2nd level. $500 admin fee.

As you can see, the program is like every other Ponzi scheme out there. The only difference between Impact Mailing Club and most of Ponzi schemes I have reviewed on my website is that this one is done mostly offline.

What I Like About Impact Mailing Club (Pros)

To be honest, there is nothing about Impact Mailing Club that excites me. If you follow my blog, you already know that I don't promote Ponzi schemes because they don't work. Besides, Impact Mailing Club used a lot of dishonest strategies and claims to attract people to their platform. This is a huge turn-off for me.

Ugly Truth About Impact Mailing Club

No Website
Impact Mailing Club used to have a website. However, they decided to close it down after they received tons of negative reviews. Now, if you want any information about this program, you will need to join their Facebook Group. Of course, when you join them, they will be able to see your Facebook profile and details. The manner by which they closed down their website after receiving multiple negative reviews is very suspicious.

The Program is Deceptive
At first, you won't be told that this is just a cash gifting scheme until you are in too deep. At this point, you must have made a lot of investments in the program. The fact is Impact Mailing Club is using deceptive promises and claims to lure people into the program.

No Real Product Here
It is hard to succeed online when you don't have any real product or service to sell. Unfortunately, this is the case with Impact Mailing Club. They don't have any real product or service. Instead, you are just donating money to people that recruited you while hoping that you will recover the money when others donate money to you. The entire program is structured like a typical Ponzi scheme.

Fake Owners
The real guys behind this program hid themselves. Nevertheless, they hired a spokeswoman and use the name Rose Alameda as the owner of this platform. It is obvious from the get-go that the real owners are hidden. Like I have said multiple times in my previous reviews, most programs with hidden owners are a scam. No doubt, the anonymous owners of Impact Mailing Club coupled with their unscrupulous business model has all the hallmarks of a scam written all over it.

Is Impact Mailing Club a Scam?

Let's go over it once more. Impact Mailing Club claimed what they are not. They try to recruit people without telling them that they are about to enter into a Ponzi scheme. After you join the program, they will keep on asking for an upgrade from you even when you have not made any money from the program. The owners are hidden as well as their website. There is no doubt that Impact Mailing Club is 100% scam. I will urge you to avoid this program entirely.

How Do I Make Money Online?

One question I have gotten so often from my blog followers is: how do I make money online? The fact is, making money online is a lot like making money offline. You need to offer value through your product or services before you can make money. Unfortunately, not a lot of people have what it takes to create their own product. If you fall into this group as I do, you don't have to worry, you can make money by recommending these products to other people. This is called affiliate marketing.

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