Bang Bang Profits Review – Legit Or Scam?

Almost every affiliate marketer I know is talking about Bang Bang Profits. Thus, I decided to check it out. The course made some promises. According to Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong – the two guys behind Bang Bang Profit, you can be able to make $300/per day easily using the method they revealed in this system that was launched just last month.

I know what you are thinking; is it really possible to earn at least $300 per day without doing anything? Well, the short answer is yes, it is possible to earn $300/per day or more on autopilot if you know exactly what you are doing. Unfortunately, for this to happen for you, huge investment and a good mentor is required. So, let's check out Bang Bang Profit to know if it is the right money making system for you.

  • Product name: Bang Bang Profits
  • Creator: Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong
  • Launch Date: 16-Nov-2018
  • Category: Affiliate marketing
  • Website: https://bangbangprofits.com
  • Price: $12.95

What Exactly Is Bang Bang Profits?

Bang Bang Profits is a course for those interested in affiliate marketing. When you buy this course, you will get the top thirteen best-performing campaigns of the author. According to the guys behind this system, these campaigns have helped them to make $1,500 – 2,500 per month. The authors claimed you can use these high-performing campaigns to achieve the same result.

About the Author

To be honest, Bang Bang Profits is one of the few courses where the authors revealed themselves. The two people behind this course are Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace. I suspected that the actual owner of the course is Jono Armstrong, but since he is unknown in the industry, he partnered with Brendan Mace to sell the course. Brendan Mace is well-known in the affiliate marketing industry. He is the one behind some famous launches as The Clones, Traffic Laze, Simple Social Tools, and Incognition. He also owns a YouTube channel with over 54,000 subscribers.

How Does Bang Bang Profits Works?

Bang Bang Profits is meant to be quick and easy. This means that there is nothing to install. All you need is pay for the course, get access to the 13-campaigns the authors are promoting, download their email swipes, and then start to promote such an offer.

Sound too easy? Yes, that is the intention! It sounds like a dream come true for most people who want to start earning money online right away. Unfortunately, it is not exactly as it seems. The authors also promised that you will get tons of bonuses when you pay for the course. Some of these bonuses include:

  • Easy, newbie-friendly setup instructions
  • Proven-to-convert bonus pages
  • Profit-boosting email swipes
  • Everything hosted for you-nothing to install

As a beginner, it is easy to think that you've finally struck gold with this course. However, any experienced marketer will see loopholes and problems with this so-called Done-For-You-System. Keep on reading to find out what these problems are.

Warning Signs:

1. High Saturation

Imagine thousands of people promoting the same products and using the same traffic source, it will definitely get saturated fast. One thing I'm sure of is that top marketers never reveal their best performing-campaigns. If they do, just know that the campaign is no longer performing well for them. It is likely that what you will get are old campaigns that no longer yield profits for them. Besides, when everyone is promoting the same thing, there is no potential to make any serious profit.

2. No Detailed Information About the Campaigns

Nothing was said about the campaigns that you will promote. What you need to understand is that some campaigns can only be promoted successfully by experienced affiliate marketers. As a beginner, you need to specialize in promoting a certain kind of products or in a particular niche. The authors weren't transparent about the niche or the so-called campaigns that gave them over $2k per month.

3. Too Many Upsells

Just like most courses sold on WarriorPlus.com, this one also comes with tons of upsells. Initially, you will pay just $12.95 to get access to the course but the best part of the system will be kept away from you until you upgrade or buy the upsells. This is a common tactic used by most product launchers on upsell. If you decide to buy this course, have it at the back of your mind that you are going to pay over $50 to get access to the full system.

4. No Traffic Training

You will get no traffic training on how to promote these so-called best performing campaigns if you only pay $12.95. As a beginner, these campaigns are of no use if you can't drive traffic to them. Besides, the traffic methods in the upsells are the old, well-rehearsed traffic methods that are already saturated. It will be really difficult to make money from this product or any other affiliate product unless you have a solid high-performing traffic source.

So Is Bang Bang Profits a Scam?

No, Bang Bang Profits is not a scam. The course was created by well-known authors. The money method system recommended in the course can actually help you make some money if you know exactly what you are doing. However, it will be a big gamble. The authors actually guarantee 30-day refund policy if you don't like the course. On the other hand, the model recommended in this system is a very legitimate business model and can give you some idea of the type of products to promote if you are smart. I will advise you to tread carefully if you decide to buy this product.

Is There An Alternative?

Yes, instead of taking a gamble, I will recommend that you invest in a program that will surely work for you with just 2 hours of work per day. There is no perfect money making system online. But if any program is close to that, it is Wealthy Affiliate. This program will teach you exactly how you can start making money from affiliate marketing like a pro. You will learn everything you need to succeed. Besides, Wealth Affiliate is now a huge community of top affiliate marketers. Thus, you can easily get help if you are stuck or need some advice.

Go here to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

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  1. Kirk,

    Thanks for the heads up about this program. I agree with you that there is probably value that you can find within the system, but you need to know what you are looking for. Like you, I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to get started.  I started out with the free starter membership, and then I quickly invested in the premium membership. I want to be clear to the other readers, this isn’t an upsell. The amount of support I was receiving from the staff and other members was simply too good for me to turn down full access. Thanks, again!

  2. Thanks for this review of Big Bang Profits, I must admit in my early days online I was always after the quick fix and bought many different products that claimed to suit my need. However, most where just rubbish and taught me nothing at all and the results were disappointing to say the least. Many $1000’s later I now realise that most of these products are definitely ones to avoid. Like you have mentioned using a site such as Wealthy Affiliate which gives you a solid step by step course of action without promising anything upfront is a worthy investment in both your time and money. I would recommend to go down this route every time to anyone thinking of an online business. 

  3. Hi Kirk,

    Thank you for the comprehensive review of Bang Bang Profits. I see it getting promoted more and more recently and was not sure if it was just another of the many scams flooding the internet or a legitimate affiliate marketing model.

    It seems from your review that it is a legit system but that you have to expect to pay more than the base price. So many marketers are using upsells and downsells and sidesells now that sometimes you forget what you have bought until you get access to the product.

    As you say, these are old marketing techniques on old sales campaigns so I think I will stay clear.

    Thanks for the heads up,


  4. I heard about Brendan Mace in Warriorplus as well. He has many authored products that seems to make money. From your article, it looks like Bang Bang Profit is only good for experience marketers who are good at email marketing since they are giving email swipe. And you need to subscribe to an email auto-responder to make it work. I tried to buy a product in Warrior plus for $5 and there are usually upsells that are not ggod for newbies.

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