July 22, 2018

Is Desktop Commission System a Scam or Legit? Full Review

Desktop Commission System review

Let me guess, you are here to find out if Desktop Commission System is a scam or legit? Awesome decision! Many people have been burned online simply because they are looking for a good system that will allow them to make money online.

It is certainly not fair to lose your hard-earned money to online scams. Thus, this is the reason why I created this blog. As far as you keep on reading this blog, you will always know which program is a scam and legit.

Today, I will be reviewing this new program called Desktop Commission System. A good friend drew my attention to this online program called Desktop Commission and I wanted to find out if the program is worth your money or a scam.

In this article, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about Desktop Commission System. Keep on reading to find out about this program.

Desktop Commission System review


  • Program Name: Desktop Commission System
  • Website: desktopcommissionsystem.com
  • Price: $37
  • Owner: Jeff Carr
  • Recommended? No


My Top Recommended Program

What is Desktop Commission?

Ehm… Ehm….. guys, I think I'm having a hard time explaining this one. I watched the video on their sales page over and over again but I still find it difficult to explain what they do. Nevertheless, I'm going to give you a clue.

Desktop Commission is a program that claims they can help you make at least $1000 per day. All you got to do is click a few buttons on the secret site they will show you and you will have loads of money on your account. Of course, it is totally free but you have to pay just $37 access fee (weird, right?).

The video made it clear that you don't have to do any work if you can click a few buttons on the website they will show you, then you can make tons of money every day. I got to hand it over to them, Desktop Commission is the longest sales video I've ever watched without having a clue to what they do. These guys made a lot of claims on their sales page. Of course, I believe that you are not gullible to believe all the loads of crap they are saying. Keep on reading to find out what Desktop Commission is all about.



How Does Desktop Commission Works?

I've pretty much explained how Desktop Commission Works above. According to them, once you pay them the $37 access fee, you will have $1000 bonus waiting for you in your account. They offered no explanation where this $1000 came from, how you made it, or what you will need to do in order to claim it.

They gave no explanation for how their system works. All they keep on saying is that you can get your first $1000 bonus after making your payment. If you have been following my blog, you know that this is a mode of operation that is consistent with scam programs I have reviewed in the past.

I have no doubt in my mind with what I have seen so far that this is another cheap scam. Of course, this is not just an assumption but I have solid proofs to back it up.


Red Flags

  • Repackaged Program

The first red flag I discovered is that Desktop Commission is a repackaged program. The program was formerly known as “Push Button System” which was widely known as a scam. After so much negative reviews, they repackaged it as “Desktop Commission” – a strategy common with many scam programs I have seen.

They were even so lazy to make proper changes that you can still see that their disclaimer at the bottom of their sales page still reads “Pushbuttonsystem.com”. You can also see this link in pages like Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.


  • Fake Testimonials

I know you see that one coming. I can smell it from a miles away. Most scam programs make use of fake testimonial and Desktop Commission is no different. These guys hire actors from freelance websites such as Fiverr.com to make a testimonial video for them. With a simple research, I saw some of the so-called people that gave testimonials on their sales page on Fiverr as sellers.

This once again shows that Desktop Commission is a cheap attempt at a scam.


  • Fast Money With Little To No Work

The line above is the motto of scammers. All of them sing the same tune because they know that is what lazy gullible people that don't want to work before they earn likes to hear. Once you hear “make fast money with little or no work,” it will be perfectly safe to assume that you are about to be scammed.

Desktop Commission adopted this line. They even went as far as promising that you will make $1000 bonus instantly once you pay $37 access fee. How? They did not explain. The truth is that there is no magical system online that will pay you money without any work. If you are really serious about making money online, you have to be ready to put in some serious work, otherwise, go get a job with a salary.


  • ClickBetter Payment Processor

I have seen a lot of low-quality products make use of this processor. They carefully avoided making use of payment processors such as PayPal because they know that people can easily request for a refund once they discover they are selling a scam. Truth be told, I would be very uncomfortable using ClickBetter payment processor.


Is Desktop Commission System a Scam?

Certainly, I have no doubt that this is a scam. From what I gathered, this is one of those programs that will funnel you into high-ticket scams such as Aspire and MOBE where you will lose even more money. I suspect this is why they are promising that you will make $1000 once you join. Of course, no one will pay you $1000 without doing anything or buying anything.

Moreover, all the strategies they adopted above have scam written all over them. I would not recommend Desktop Commission to anyone, not even in my dreams. I would also recommend that you stay away from this program. If you are looking for a legit way to make money online, I suggest that you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate. It is free and legit.


Better Way to Make Money Online

Don't lose your money to online scams. Stop falling for scammers that promise you free money online. Such things do not exist. If you are ready to put in some work and build a business that can pay you six figures, I will recommend that you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. This program is free to get started, so you have nothing to lose. A lot of top affiliate gurus made use of Wealthy Affiliate to get to where they are today including myself.

Go here to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for visiting my Desktop Commission System review. If you have any questions just leave them in the comments section below.

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