September 8, 2020

Is SurveySavvy a Scam in 2020

Surveysavvy review

Here is the thing: If you are here to read this SurveySavvy Review, it means you are searching for a genuine way to make money online in 2020. You made a great choice! With the pandemic, a lot of people are losing their jobs. Thus, it makes sense that you start earning online to support your current income. Whilst doing that, it is important that you avoid scams or wasting your time online. This is why it is important that you read this review of SurveySavyy until the end.

Early this year, I got tons of requests from my blog readers to review SurveySavvy. A lot of people want to join them but they are not sure if they are real or another scam. If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you will probably know by now that I’m not a big fan of survey websites or Get-Paid-To websites. Instead, I think it is better to learn how to build an online business from scratch. If you hang around until the end, I will reveal this to you.

I did in-depth research on SurveySavvy and compiled a ton of evidence and materials. Thus, in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about SurveySavvy, make sure you read this article until the end. I promise it will be a very interesting read.

SurveySavvy Review: Updated 01/01/2019

  • Name: SurveySavvy
  • Type: Survey website
  • Founder: Luth Research
  • Price: Free
  • Rating: 1/5
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What is SurveySavvy?

SurveySavvy is an online survey company that pays people for giving their opinion. This company was founded by Luth Research – a marketing company which was founded way back in 1999. While it may seem like the parent company has a long history, it may not worth your time providing personal information for marketing research.

Luth Research – the company that owns SurveySavvy is known to own other similar companies such as SurveyConnect. Both SurveySavvy and SurveyConnect do the same thing and are owned by Luth Research. The parent company is based in San Diego, California. Thus, users from the United States are more preferred since it is where the company gets the bulk of its customers.

To better understand SurveySavvy, I have decided to give you a blow-by-blow account of how this platform works. Below, you will get a good insight into the operations of SurveySavvy.

How Does SurveySavvy Work?

Just like every other survey websites out there, this one is free to join. You can easily create your account, become a member, and start participating in their surveys. The bad news is that not everyone is allowed. You probably won’t be able to create an account successfully if you are from a developing country. SurveySavvy most prefers people from North America such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

On their website, SurveySavvy was upfront about how they work. I must commend them for that. They make it clear that they are into online surveys used for behavioral research. Although, they didn’t promise to sell your personal information to third parties. This could still happen. As far as I know, most online research companies make their money by selling data to all sorts of companies, even to those with shady business practices.

Surveys – You make money on SurveySavvy by completing various surveys. You won’t be able to complete all the surveys. SurveySavvy will only invite you to participate in a survey if it matches your profile. Thus, the average number of surveys you can do here is very minimal, even less than those available on other platforms. In fact, you may not even get any survey at all if you are not from the United States.

Referrals – The second way to make money on this platform is by inviting your friends and other people to join the platform. They made it clear that they grow their platform via a referral network. Thus, when you join, you will get a special link you can use to invite others to the platform. You earn only when they are active on the platform.

Sweepstakes and Contests – You can earn money via their contests and sweepstakes. However, don’t have high on this because it doesn’t happen that often. They will ask you to create a short video in order to join the contest. In most cases, you will hardly win and it will turn out to be just a good waste of time.

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The Ugly Truth About SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy looks like a dream-come-true if you are desperate to make money online. However, having taken an in-depth look into their operation, I discovered some uncomfortable truths about this platform. Make sure you read the following section before you continue.

Very Little Surveys Available

After joining the platform, you will rarely get emailed to do a survey. The platform has a very limited survey available. This led me to believe that perhaps, the entire purpose of creating the website in the first place is to get users’ data. You will wait for them to email you when a survey matches your profile. It could take forever before you get an invite to participate in a survey.

The Platform Don’t Accept Users From Most Countries

Unless you are from the United States or Canada, you will rarely get in. The platform gives preference to people from North America.

No PayPal Available

It is 2020 and yet, SurveySavvy still pays via postal check. They do not pay via PayPal or by sending money directly to your bank account. Instead, they will ask you to wait for their check. The earliest you could get your earning from the day you requested it is 4 weeks. In some cases,  it will take 8 weeks within the United States.

Very Little Earning

To earn $100 on this platform could take up to a year unless you have a very large number of referrals from the United States. You can request your payment when you have $1 in your account. If you are active, the most you can make in a month is $10 with a lot of hard work. It simply doesn’t worth the time. It is also worth mentioning that some users from the United States complained that SurveySavvy refused to release their earning on the platform.

See negative reviews of SurveySavvy below:

Is SurveySavvy A Scam?

SurveySavvy doesn’t look like a scam. In fact, I must commend them on how they are upfront about their operation. You can read everything you need to know about them on their website.

Nevertheless, there have been countless complaints that claimed that SurveySavvy refused to release their payout. Besides, the earning here is so little. Remember that you are also submitting very personal information on the platform which they can always sell to other companies. To be honest, it doesn’t seem worth it to me.

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