June 1, 2018

Quantum Biz Code Review – Scam or Legit?

quantum biz code scam review

What is quantum biz code?

This is a system programmed by Michael Crawford.quantum biz code scam review

He claims that this online platform can give you lots of money by just signing up for free and sit back and enjoy the profits.

This system has changed into several names over time which is a big red flag and a major scam sign for me.



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How does this system work?

Also, this system is just a lie since it states that signing up is free but you must deposit $250 for your account to be active. As noted the money is then used in investing in online marketing.

This system is a scam since it is formed by making money at your expense. The system makes one believe that it has a review menu where previous customers leave their comments. But these platform reviews are edited by the software developer.

This system states that you can make an added percentage of money from the initial deposit.

Also for many followers, the owner has already created a video educating the benefits of quantum biz code which of course is a lie.

It is evident that it is a scam since if you are a new member the account sends you a message saying that you have an existing account with the banner bit. In this type of system, ads are flipped but not placed or bought which is more definable.

Also, they have false testimonies which they change the name of the fake reviewer and the content written stays untouched.

Is quantum biz code a scam?

The answer is yes. Since they go away with the $250 you paid. The amount is non-refundable when one gets tired of the system.

For legit online advertising, one places or buys ads but not by flipping ads which are not normal. The truth is if there had existed this kind of system it could make everyone wealthy within seconds. Finally, there are other online marketing websites which offer great deals when ads are placed or bought.

Below are the scam signs.

When an online system is made it is widely advertised so that it can gain the trust of the targeted audience. When a system tells you that signing in is free and after joining the account the system sends you a pop message suggesting that you deposit so that your account may be upgraded.

Also, how can you sign up in a website, feed in your credentials and expect that money will befall you free of charge? The placing of ads comes at a price but not free of charge.

Can you make money from quantum biz code?

That is a no, as discussed above the system want to fraud your money.

The system tricks you to deposit money by showing you the large figures you may get the ads flipping.


Quantum biz code is a scam that was developed to steal innocent people's money.

There are no clear signs to tell if it is a scam at early stages. But people are advised one must not invest cash without getting expert advice.

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