January 17, 2021

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator

Would getting “High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator” solve all your key challenges online? It is easy to start an online business such as affiliate marketing. The hard part is actually succeeding. This is the reason why so many newbie online marketers buy courses after courses hoping that a new course will unlock the door to unlimited wealth online. In most cases, the result they seek doesn’t materialize. Recently, High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator claimed with their method, you can finally start making money online. In this High Ticket Affiliate Review, I’m going to do in-depth to find out whether this claim is true or not. 

There are a lot of claims made about this program. If you are here reading this review, it means you have a hard-time trusting whether High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator is legit or a scam. To be honest, I would be skeptical too if I were in your shoes. When a relatively unknown internet marketer with no long history starts making big claims and selling courses priced at over $1,000, it is very important that you make your research before joining such a program to avoid wasting your hard-earned money and time. 

Here in this review, I have done all the hard parts. I would recommend you read until the end. This will help you make your decisions and at the same time, learn to spot loopholes in marketers’ claims. Surely, you will enjoy this review. Keep on reading to find out more. 

  • Name: High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator
  • Type: Online marketing coaching
  • Founder: Joshua Elder
  • Price: $1497 (plus upsells)
  • Rating: 3/5
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What Is High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator?

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator is a coaching program that debuted in 2019. It claims to teach anyone how to create and market high-ticket affiliate programs. A high ticket program is defined as online courses that are priced at $1,0000 and above. The logic here is that instead of looking for many people to sell cheap courses, you can sell expensive courses to a few people and make the same amount of income or even more. 

Joshua Elder – a relatively unknown internet marketer who created this course claims he is going to show you everything you need to go from no experience to a high ticket course creator and make tons of money. He claimed that you will also learn how to find niche audiences from 3 different categories that include broad niches, targeted niches, and micro-niches. He also claimed to teach you exactly how to attract people to buy these high ticket courses. To be honest with you, there are tons of claims in this course. The following section of this honest and unbiased review will show you whether these promises are kept or not. Keep on reading. 

Who Is Joshua Elder?

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator

Joshua Elder is the man who created this program. He owns a YouTube channel. However, not much is known about him before he launched this product. On the product website, he described himself as a loving husband, 7-figure online marketer, YouTube extravagant, and a guy passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a business that is full of freedom, passion, and fulfillment.

How Does High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator Work?

Are you wondering how this program works? It works like most programs you have come across. First, you will need to pay for the program, which by the way doesn’t come cheap. You need to pay $1497 – that is a lot of money to invest in one program. You can purchase this program directly from their website. However, it is most likely that you are going to be referred by another member who is looking for ways to recoup his investment in the program. 

After joining the program, you will be sent access to the website. The platform has about 7 sections with different programs. Some of these sections include:

  • Home
  • Build Accelerator
  • Transcend Accelerator
  • Extra Bonuses
  • Done For You
  • Training

You are expected to go through all these sections before you can start earning. Each section has a couple of tasks you need to complete before you can move on to the next section. In my opinion, there is an overwhelming amount of information you will need to navigate. For example, some of the tasks you will need to complete in the home section include:

  • Request to be added to our private Facebook group
  • Register for the next live call
  • Complete all the training above from left to right
  • Register for your HTA affiliate account
  • Welcome new members to Facebook group and post your team success
  • Check out the daily method of operation handout for clarity
  • Join the YouTube implementation Facebook chat
  • Join the Facebook implementation chat

Note that these tasks mentioned above are just for one section. There are 6 other sections you still need to go through. In the next section, there are generic videos designed to motivate you. Most of these videos will explain the meaning of affiliate marketing, a mindset of success, and how to set goals. 

In the training section, you will see videos about how to create products, how to choose a niche, how to set up your product, and how to run successful ads on various social media platforms. After purchasing the product, you will have an opportunity to request a short live call.

It is important to mention that additional investment is still required after the initial payment of $1497. You will need to pay for ClickFunnel to create your sales pages (funnel), you will need to pay for an autoresponder for emails, and also pay for tons of social media ads you need to run to get traffic to your product.

Overall, the product contains tons of information that is overwhelming. There are an additional investment to be made and a lot of work to put in to have a chance to succeed.

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Ugly Truths About High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator – Red Flags

1. Very Expensive

At $1497, High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator is one of the most expensive online marketing course you will purchase with no guarantee of success. The course provides a lot of training. But the training provided won’t make you succeed on its own. You need to put in tons of work before you can start seeing success. As a complete beginner, it certainly doesn’t make any sense to spend that amount of money. Besides, most of the training here can be gotten for free on the internet or cheaper somewhere else.

2. No Refund Policy

When you pay the initial $1497, do not expect to get a refund if the program doesn’t work for you. It is a high risk. Once you pay the money, it goes to the owner. Even if you change your mind or the program fails to work for you, there is no chance to get even a dime back. It is important you consider this before you join the program.

3. Overwhelming Amount of Information

There is an overwhelming amount of information provided here. You may end up giving up before you can finish the training especially if you are a complete beginner in the world of online marketing. 

4. Additional Investment is Required

Mind you, there are tons of additional investments you need to make after your initial payment. For instance, you will need to build your sales funnel. The software (ClickFunnel) for building these sales funnel costs over $200/year. You also need to pay for an email autoresponder as well as other tools you need for marketing. You also need to run ads, pay promoters, and many more. If you want to invest in this course, I will certainly recommend that you have at least an additional $2000 you can spend to have a chance of succeeding with this program. 

Is High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator a Scam?

High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator is not a scam. To be honest, their teaching has a bit of quality in it. But the structure is a mess. It is completely overwhelming for beginners. Besides, apart from the initial live call you will get, there is not a lot of assistance provided. You are basically on your own after your purchase. The payment also does not cover the cost of other resources and tools you need to succeed. While I may like the quality of their training, the course itself does not worth $1497. I would instead recommend you check out my Number 1 recommended affiliate program below which provides you with all the necessary tools you need to succeed as a newbie affiliate marketer.

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