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Should you go into travel affiliate programs? Yes, the travel industry worth over $500 billion dollars. The vast growth of the travel industry in recent years ensured that the hotel industry remains not just afloat but very profitable. The Hotel industry over the years has witnessed tremendous growth.

According to Statista, the total revenue of the hotel industry in the United States alone reached $200 billion in 2018. There is no doubt that this is a very profitable industry. You could make money from this industry just by helping people find hotels. Once they make their bookings, you earn money. Websites such as provide you an incredible opportunity to become a travel affiliate and earn money on the sides by helping travelers find their perfect hotel.

If you want to sign up for affiliate program but you don’t know how it works, this honest and unbiased review of affiliate program will provide you everything you need to know about how this program works, how they pay, and whether they are legit or scam. Keep on reading to find out more.

Passive 4-figure Monthly Income

Background Information on is one of the biggest websites for getting deals and discounts on over 290,000 hotels located in more than 60 countries around the world. As of today, the service has more than over 11 million genuine guest reviews on their website making them one of the most visited and trusted websites for booking hotels.

Perhaps, why most people like going to for their hotel booking is because of the offers, deals, and discounts that this company provide. You can even make last minute hotel booking for business or pleasure on this website. Whatever your budget is, you are likely to find a good hotel in the location you are traveling to through also provide timely customer service to its users. The brand operates a 24-hour call center for customer support. All these features and more make their services appealing to customers and even provides an opportunity for affiliates like you to make money. Affiliate Program: What Is It All About? is one of the most popular hotel affiliate programs. Most people choose because of the brand name. It is easy to get people to book for a hotel through this brand than other brands that exist today. Take, for instance, a lot of people are familiar with hotel brands such as Marriot, Best Western, Hilton, InterContinental, Wyndham, Hyatt, La Quinta, and many more. All these brands can be found on platform with discount rates. This makes it easier to turn any website visitor to a customer. Commission Rate?

If you have decided to join affiliate program, you will learn in this section how the hotel split the payment made by a user between them and their affiliates.

When it comes to commission rate, you will earn 5.5% commission on every booking that becomes a completed hotel stay. When a customer makes a booking through your affiliate link, it will show up in your account in real time. However, no commission will be attributed to the booking until it becomes a completed stay. makes use of pixel for tracking and reporting referrals. Their cookie lasts for a 7-day period.

The average hotel room on is $80 per night. This means you can earn up to $4.4 per booking.  All you have to do is refer the people searching for a hotel to and they will take care of the rest. In most cases, customers stay more than one night. You can easily make $100 per day by referring at least 10 customers that will stay for 3 nights each.

You can also increase your commission on

  • Your commission will increase to 5.75% if your monthly sales equal or greater than $8,000
  • Your commission will increase to 6.00% if your monthly sales equal or greater than $12,000

You can apply to affiliate program through Commission Junction, Expedia, Affiliate Window, TradeDoubler, and Zanox.

Can You Make Money With The Affiliate Program?

Anyone can make money with affiliate program if you know what you are doing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money. Today, the travel industry is one of the best ways to make money through affiliate marketing. You should also check out my review of best airline affiliate programs to add to your affiliate and increase your earnings.

When it comes to earning money online, the biggest problem that I see is that most people lack the right training and tools they need. Fortunately, I found a program that has everything you need to build a successful affiliate business all in one place. I have been a member of this platform for over 4 years now. If you would like you can check it out here.

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