December 22, 2020

Honeygain: Could This Be a Honey Pot Scam? {Updated 12/22/2020}

Honeygain review scam

Honeygain is a company that claims you can make money just by sharing your internet connection with them. This company promises that your security will never be compromised. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. You just need to take their word for it.

You probably read about Honeygain somewhere on the internet recently and you are here to check it out. When most people think of joining Honeygain, their utmost concern is security. To be honest, you should be very concerned about your security. After all, your personal information is worth a lot of money. A lot of companies sell personal information. Since you don’t control where your data ends up, there is a real potential that it can be used against you.

In the past couple of months, I have heard horror stories of people who gave up their personal information to earn few dollars online and ended up having their bank account hacked and their life-savings stolen. Thus, before you download any app that runs on background or before you share your internet connection with unknown third-party, it is a great idea to consider the benefits and negatives outcomes. Indeed, you have made a great choice by coming here to read real and unbiased review of Honeygain.

Below, you will learn everything you need to know about Honeygain. I promise you, you will be an expert on Honeygain at the end of this review. Keep on reading to find out more.

  • Name: Honeygain
  • Type: Install app to earn
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price: Free
  • Recommended: No

What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is a company which claims they pay internet users for their unused internet bandwidth. The company promises that they will pay you for your idle internet connection without interrupting your activities on the internet or steal your data. According to the company, you can easily install their app on your Windows or Mac computer and go about your business. Additionally, you can also install the app on your Android or iOS smartphone. It describes itself as the ultimate platform for people who are looking for side hustles that bring passive income.

On its website, the company claimed that they created their product in 2018 as a crowdsourced residential proxy network. After 2 years, the company claimed to cover over 150 countries and more than 15,000 users with each user earning about $26.58 average on a single payout. Despite claiming to be the first-ever company that allows user to make money online by sharing their internet connection, Honeygain did not share the name of its founders or company’s address. I did an ICANN search of its domain name, it was registered on April 2019. Nevertheless, other information about the domain was blocked from the public.

How Does Honeygain Work?

It is very important that you understand how Honeygain works before you invest your time and resources on it. To join Honeygain, you do not have to invest any actual money. However, you will have to let them monitor your internet traffic in return. The way it works is that you register on their website. Honeygain accepts registration from most countries around the world. However, if you live in developed countries such as US or Canada, it is likely that you will earn more money.

After registration, you will need to confirm your account. You can do this by login into your email account. Once you are done, you go ahead and install their app on your devices. Honeygain recommends you install their app on at least, 3 devices that are connected to one IP address. This means you install the app on your personal computer, your smartphone, and perhaps on another device you use to access the internet. They claimed it is a suggestion to help you earn more money. However, it is easy to see that they want to get access to as many of your data as possible.

When you earn money on the platform, you can withdraw it via PayPal. However, you need to have at least $20 in your account before you can request for payout. Unfortunately, if PayPal doesn’t work in your country, then there is no way you can withdraw your earning on this platform. It is important to confirm that you can withdraw via PayPal before you join Honeygain. If you live in the US, the platform will charge you 2% for your earnings when you ask for a payout.

Typically, you are not required to do anything to earn money. You just need to share your internet connection. You will earn credit once you have shared at least 10MB from your internet connection. My research showed that you earn $1 for every 10 GB you shared. This amount can increase or decrease depending on the country you live.

Honeygain allows you to increase your earnings via referral. You can earn 10% of the daily earnings of people you referred to the platform. You can also earn an additional $5 when you register on the platform with Honeygain coupon.

Passive 4-figure Monthly Income

The Ugly Truth About Honeygain

On a paper, Honeygain sounds like a lazy man’s journey to unlimited wealth. Unfortunately, it is not as good as it sounds. Nowadays, a lot of people want to earn a lot of money online without actually working. The truth is, when you avoid work, you put yourself in danger. Most people got scammed just because they are searching for easy solution online. This is why it is important that I expose you to all the risks involved with Honeygain before you join. Below are important points you should know:

Honeygain Can Get Access to All Your Private Data

When you install Honeygain app on your device, you are willingly giving them access to all your data. They watch you as you log into your social media accounts, bank accounts, read work emails, and many more. With such power, Honeygain can hurt you in more ways than you can imagine. Besides, they can sell the information they collected from your internet connection to third-party companies which may turn out to be fraudsters. To be honest, the risk here is too much. It certainly doesn’t worth it with peanuts they are paying you.

Honeygain has no Founder or Public Address

One of the red flags you will easily notice is that Honeygain has no owner or even company address. At least, they didn’t mention it on their website. This will give you a clue that the company may not be legit. You may get a few dollar payments today via PayPal, but that doesn’t mean the company is legit. Even if you decide to sue them, there is no one to hold responsible. You cannot even find them because they have no address.

Is Honeygain a Scam?

For a company that wants to keep an eye on your internet traffic, I wouldn’t give them a 5-star medal yet. I talked to people who said they received payment from Honeygain. However, these people have no idea what Honeygain did what their data. Now, Honeygain made it clear they are sharing your internet connection. So they are pretty straight-forward with that. It may be tacky but at least, they are honest. I wouldn’t call them scam just yet but the company is dangerous. You should never allow anyone access to your private data just to make a few bucks online. I would strongly recommend you run away from this company. If you have already installed their app, delete it ASAP and clear your cookies. It is very important you stay safe online. The few bucks Honeygain pay is not worth the risk. Never!

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