March 2, 2020

InfluEarn Review: An Old Scam with New Name!

InfluEarn Review

Did someone ask you to join InfluEarn? You’ve made the right choice by coming to to read the real review of InfluEarn. By looking at details and trying out these programs, I have been able to save thousands of ordinary people from falling into scams. You see, most programs will claim to pay so much amount of money. However, after you’ve signed up, spent money on the platform, and wasted your time, you will discover that such programs are worthless.

Following the recent popularity of this Get-Paid-To website known as InfluEarn, I received almost 15 requests from my blog followers to review the platform. The first thing that caught my attention was the name. I’m not the type to judge a book by its cover. Nevertheless, based on my experience reviewing such programs in the past, most programs with such names usually turn out to be a waste of time.

I became more interested in InfluEarn when I saw their claim that newbies can make thousands of dollars on the platform. Take, for instance, they pay $25 just for signing up and $20 for every friend you refer to the platform. If you think it sounds too good to be true, I’m with you. Thus, in this article, I will do a holistic review of InfluEarn. You will learn how it works, the pros and cons, as well as whether it is a scam or legit. Keep on reading to find out more.

  • Name: InfluEarn
  • Type: Get-Paid-To
  • Owner: Hidden
  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • Rating: 0/5

What is InfluEarn?

InfluEarn is a Get-Paid-To website that pays you for completing tasks online such as surveys, app downloads, and many more. InfluEarn became popular with promises that you can make more money on their platform. Unlike other websites in the same business, InfluEarn promises their followers that they can earn as much as $25 when they sign up and $20 when they refer another user to the platform.

InfluEarn promises a lot of cash for their users. You will learn more about this in the next section. The people behind the platform make it seem like such an easy way to make a lot of fast cash online. The company claimed that they have their Headquarter in New York and the website is a subsidiary brand of InfluEarn, LLC – described as a leading internet and media company that operates multiple customer engagement brands. Interestingly, the company address provided by InfluEarn is doubtful. You will learn more about this in the following sections.

How Does InfluEarn Works?

This is where it gets very interesting. Like I’ve already mentioned above, InfluEarn is a GPT website. If you have come across any GPT website in the past, then you will find it very easy to understand how InfluEarn works. To become a user on this platform, you will need to signup first. Don’t worry, it is free. However, I will recommend creating an account with an email address that is separate from your main email address. The signup process is very fast. You will need to insert your full name, username, email, and password.

After signing up, $25 will appear on your dashboard as your “welcome bonus”. Don’t rejoice yet because you cannot withdraw this earning. It is a common tactic for most scam websites to provide a welcome bonus that they are not willing to pay.

On your dashboard, you will see a place to add your payment method. The site also provides a referral contest for newcomers. The winner of the referral contest will supposedly earn $144.000 for referring the most people to the site. To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever won this prize money. InfluEarn claims that if you complete 5 different tasks the same day you joined the platform, you will get a $200 bonus when you cash out. Of course, this is a clever trick to get you active on the website. You will also see your referral link as well as other tasks you can complete to earn money on the platform.

InfluEarn claims you can earn money in different ways. According to them, you can earn up to $20 when you refer someone to the platform, if someone clicks on your link, you earn $2 whether they signed up or not. You earn $30 when you complete a survey. If you create and post a YouTube video, you will earn an extra $50. Similarly, you will earn $20 when you download and install apps from the platform.

Ugly Truths about InfluEarn

When it comes to GPT or survey websites, you don’t need to search long before you can find loopholes in their so-called perfect system. Despite the claims made by InfluEarn, you can easily find out that some facts didn’t add up. I fully intend to expose some of their lies in this section so you will know about them before making your decision.

No Verification of Email Required

When you try to sign up and use an email address like “”, you will still get access to the website. This is because the website does not try to verify the email address and the information you provided. They want to sign as many people as possible and then, perhaps, sell these email addresses to the third-party. A lot of GPT websites are known to do this.

Focus on Collection of Email Address

When you log onto InfluEarn, you will discover that every offer on their task wall is sponsored posts. InfluEarn does not have offers of its own that you can complete. Instead, they push their users to refer others to the platform. This is because they are more interested in mining email addresses. If you make use of your real email address when you sign up, you have no idea where it will end up. Thus, you could be compromising your online security just by signing up with your real email address.

Try to Withdraw and Get Banned

InfluEarn bans account when you initiate a withdrawal. In some cases, they will claim you went you against their Terms of Service and then ban you. In other cases, they won’t even give you an excuse for the ban. Alternatively, you can initiate a withdrawal but it will never arrive in your account.

Fake Office Address

The office address on their website is fake. They claimed that its headquarter is located at “176 Westmore Mondaile Street, Victorian 887 NYC”. However, when I searched for the address on Google Map, it showed a church instead of a multi-million dollar company.

Hidden Owner

It is not surprising that the owner of this website doesn’t want to be known. This lack of transparency is consistent with most scam websites I have reviewed in the past. The people that created this website do not want you to know them so you cannot sue them.

Fake Testimonials

To convince you that you can make money on the website, InfluEarn made use of fake testimonials. When you do a revise Google Search, you can see stock images they used as people that gave a testimonial on the platform.

Too Many Complaints

I’m not surprised to see a lot of complaints about InfluEarn. Almost everyone who joined InfluEarn has something bad to say about them. Most of them were suspended when they tried to withdraw their earning because the system claimed they have committed fraud or violated the company’s policy.

Is InfluEarn a Scam?

Yes! InfluEarn is a 100% scam and illegal website. This is why the creator of the platform is hidden. Joining this website is a waste of time. You also compromise your online security when you join InfluEarn with your real email address.

Update: After I exposed InfluEarn to be a scam, the website is now down.

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