May 21, 2020

Rain Money Review: Why This is a Scam?

rain money review

Rain Money is getting a lot of attention. It is possible that your friend or someone you met online introduced you to this platform and asked you to sign up immediately to begin making tons of money from home. You made a great decision to check out this Rain Money review before you sign up on the platform. Often, websites such as Rain Money make big promises but usually turn out to be a scam. To be honest, this website might look like a great opportunity if you are looking for a new and reliable way to start making money online. There is no doubt that this website makes it sound easy to make money online. Nevertheless, my review exposed the ugly truth behind the scenes.

Rain Money promises effortless online income. In fact, they promised that you will earn $25 just for signing up. If you are just getting started online, their offer is likely to sway you. I know by experience that most of the sites that make such an offer usually turn out to be a scam or just another waste of time. To make sure you don’t waste time or lose money, I have decided to take an in-depth look at Rain Money.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this platform. You will learn how it works, the benefits as well as the disadvantages. At the end of the article, you will learn whether Rain Money is a scam or a legit website. Keep on reading to learn more.

  • Name: Rain Money
  • Type: Tasks Completion (Get-Paid-To)
  • Founder: Hidden
  • Website:
  • Price: Free to join
  • Rating: 0/5

What is Rain Money?

Rain Money is a task-completion website. If you have seen any “Get-Paid-To” website before, then you can easily understand how Rain Money works. This is a type of website that provides various tasks you can complete. Each task is assigned a certain amount of points. You can redeem these points for cash or Amazon gift cards when it gets to a certain amount.

According to this website, you can make as much as $150 daily on the platform. They even promised that you can make up to $2000/month on the website while still keeping your full-time job. No doubt, Rain Money makes it sound like anyone can make big money online without any effort. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work exactly like that in real life. The paragraph below will show you the reason why Rain Money may not be what you thought.

How Does Rain Money Works?

It gets very interesting here. According to Rain Money, once you join the platform, they will instantly transfer $25 to your Rain Money account. This is bonus money. The only thing you need to earn it is just to sign up. For many people, this will sound like a dream-come-true or an opportunity to earn free money without any work at all. In the case of most GPT websites I have reviewed in the past, you cannot actually withdraw this money. I strongly suspected that this is the case with Rain Money too.

Anybody can sign up on the platform. By the way, sign up is completely free. The platform claim that the way they make money is by sharing the ads revenue from their advertisers by subscribers like you. Sites like Rain Money usually get offers from third-parties and then pass on these offers to the people that registered on their platform.

As a task-completion website, Rain Money has many small tasks you can do to make money on the platform. You will earn points for each task you complete. You can then convert these points to money and withdraw – at least, that’s what they said. Some of the tasks you are expected to do on the platform include:

  • Referring people to the platform
  • Promoting Rain Money on your social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram
  • Completing online surveys
  • Installing third-party applications on your phone
  • Participating in contests
  • Uploading testimonial videos on YouTube

How Much Can You Make On Rain Money?

Like I have already mentioned above, Rain Money promises to credit your account with a $25 bonus upon signing up. All the tasks mentioned above carry various cash rewards. You earn $2 for each person who clicks on your referral link without signing up. You earn $10 when you have a new referral who clicks on your link and sign up.

Additionally, you earn $30 for completing surveys and participating in contests. For installing applications on your smartphone, you will earn $10. You also earn $10 when you promote the platform on your social media pages. The best earning comes from publishing a promotional video on YouTube. You will earn $50 for creating YouTube videos promoting Rain Money.

It sounds like Rain Money pays a lot of money. But the truth is that you may never be able to withdraw these earnings. Before you can withdraw the money in your account, you need to have referred at least 5 people to the platform, completed 5 tasks, have at least 20 clicks on your referral link, and also have up to $200 in your account.

Red Flags About Rain Money

Rain Money sounds like a dream-come-true especially if you are a newbie. However, if you look deeper, you will find out that Rain Money is not worth your money. I have mentioned some of the red flags below:

Unknown Owner

Rain Money owner is unknown. Most of the websites I have reviewed in the past with unknown owners usually turn out to be scams. People who have something to hide usually don’t want to associate their name with their scam website. In some cases, they hide under fake profiles. I do not doubt in my mind that this is the case with Rain Money.

Fake Testimonials

Like I suspected, all the testimonials on the website are fake. You only need to reverse-search the image used on the testimonials. Instantly, you will notice that these testimonials were lifted from other websites. The only reason they will use fake testimonials is that their website doesn’t work as advertised.

Fake Payment Proof

Rain Money also uses fake payment proof. The payment screenshot shown on their website was tactfully manipulated with Photoshop to look real.

They Don’t Pay

Perhaps, this is the biggest proof that Rain Money is a scam. I contacted a member of Rain Money who has met the criteria to be paid, he showed me an irrefutable proof that Rain Money denied his request to withdraw his money. What Rain Money do is to block your money by claiming you violated their terms and conditions. If you a little research online with Rain Money as a keyword, you will see many complaints against them. A lot of people who once registered on the platform complained that Rain Money didn’t pay them even after meeting all the criteria for withdrawal and payment.

Is Rain Money a Scam?

Unfortunately, Rain Money is 100% scam. The website made tons of promises that it won’t keep. The red flags that Rain Money is a scam are clear for everyone to see. Do not fall for the easy money. You will lose your hard-earned money and time if you decide to join Rain Money.

Update: After publishing this review exposing Rain Money as a scam, they took down their website. Last time I checked, Rain Money is no longer online. This could be because it has crashed or because I have exposed their activity.

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